Moore Ware from the Bourgeois

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Moore Ware from the Bourgeois
Part of Chromaggia
LocationTacoma, Seattle
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Redstar Clinics
Jenny Glitz


Runners perform a heist on a Red Star Clinic to gather some ware for Mr.Rudd to finish his David replica.


Mr.Rudd requires cyberware parts to finish his "Modern" cyberware-made copy of Michaelangelo's David.

The Meet

The Runners make their way to Mr.Rudd's warehouse down Tacoma Docks. He is found finishing up his rendition of David. He points the Runners towards a sleazy clinic where they could raid it for parts so he could finish his sculpture. He offers to pay them in either ware they find from the clinic or he could get in contact with one of his..."friends" and get the Runners access to high level clinics.

Flyboy and Moth, both owing their contacts chips, wished to steal extra ware from the clinic to give to their contacts to return the favours.

Moth provided the team with some background on how corrupt the Red Star clinics are.

The Plan

The Runners plan to invade the Clinic via Matrix first and suss out the Host and it's defences. Then, the Runners would plan a route through the Clinic to the ware drop, stealing a keycard on the way, and then escaping the clinic. A heist, just like the trids!

The Run

Jenny Glitz and Flyboy did the first rounds of legwork. Jenny Glitz entered the Host to discover how strong it was and in the process copied a persona belonging to a Janitor to fit in. She discovered the map of the facility, and with it, the team could begin planning their route. She went further in to find rotas and schedules for the individual departments (Janitors, Nurses, Guards, Orderlies etc) which further helped the Runners plan their heist around movements of the employees. Flyboy uses his drones to give some physcial recon, finding the keycard sealed doors and entry ways. During this process, he also found the Security Room and Drone Bays (along with the Ares Duelists found guarding the halls).

Moth and Hydro then go on to catch a Senior Janitor outside, taking his keycard by fooling him and copying it, allowing them to get into any area in the clinic. Moth pretended to be a recovering surgical patient, confused by the zydrate, which the clinic has been using; see report.

With all their legwork done, Hydro and Jenny Glitz find an entry point around the back of the building, sneaking in and using their knowledge of the movements and layout of the clinic to get to the storage room, packing it all up and getting out with the goods. Moth helped them load the goods into her well-disguised food truck. Flyboy finishes the run by casually driving Downtown while the KE response teams go towards the clinic, where the alarms were now blaring.


Runners got away with the ware without being detected, giving it to Mr.Rudd who could finish his replica of David.

Moth delivered a crate of ware to Dr. Isabel Wirth and Dr. Cliff Morrow at Deireadh An Tuartheil hospital in Tarislar, which put her back in their good graces.


- 52k in Ware

- Mr.Rudd as a 2/1 Contact

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Wooo! More ware, finally. Felt stagnant on that for a while. But this heist was amazing and thanks you three for helping me with those chips!

Jenny Glitz

This clinic had a reasonable host attached to it, but it wasn't enough to stop me. That month spent studying device exploits has been paying off; I was able to suppress alarm sensors and surveillance systems easily during the break-in. Was good to have a physical spotter on the inside so I could look for hidden devices in the network. Overall it went very smoothly, excellent work from all parties.


Moth here! This was my 46th run. This was an excellent team. Lots of good investigative skills. Very professional. These are folks I'd like to have along on any heist! We had enough skills to consider lots of different plans. Oh, and it felt so good to help out the hospital with much needed supplies. And to have my friends Dr. Wirth and Dr. Morrow happy with me again. My biggest role was getting the keycard. But I was ready for several impersonations if we needed them! It nice to stick it to the Red Star clinic after seeing the horrible things they've done.