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Once, a long time ago, lived a bird, the fatal bird: Chromaggia. She met the arrow of an archer while flying, along the lava coasts. She flew for years, thinking the arrow was giving chase - Chromaggia escaped the arrow, because she could not see.

"Chromaggia, Chromaggia", they asked, "why not continue to out fly the danger?" But they could not see that the arrow was tied to her wing. She flew to untie it and free herself from her destiny:

"But by dragging the arrow others are wounded by my carelessness, my carelessness!" Chromaggia cried, "So down! Towards the mouth of Hell I take his arrow, and my eyes! I would rather be blind!"


This metaplot deals with the organ and implant repossession by Red Star Clinics, a subsidiary of Evo.


An epidemic of organ failures has quietly been sweeping through Seattle, concentrated in the Barrens. Out of the tragedy, a savior emerges: Red Star Clinics. To those that could not afford the transplants that would save their lives, Red Star offers convenient financing. These payment plans help cheat death - for now. Seizing on a rare opportunity that would benefit them all, Corps around the world pushed through laws to legalize implant repossession. They barely masked their greed by claiming that only through legal default remedies, including repossession, could they keep the price of their needed products low enough for those that truly needed them. The official laws state the patient must be left alive after all legal default remedies have been utilized - which is why Red Star keeps the bulk of their financing off the books, so that repossession can be made that is the most profitable for them. In the process of 'saving' those in need, Red Star also runs a campaign targeted towards creating a more beautiful you on the inside to increase the amount of elective surgeries people were willing to finance.


Red Star Clinics

First opened in the Barrens, Red Star Clinics were heralded as a great community resource pushed by Evo. While their intentions might have started as noble, Red Star provided an opportunity to exploit those in need - funneling information to researchers that needed test subjects as well as offering organ and implant services on payment plans to those who could not afford such things. Should you fall ninety days delinquent, they dispatch their much feared Repo Men to take back what is theirs.


  • Continue offering needed and elective surgery on a payment plan basis
  • Protect their right to all legal default remedies in the event someone falls behind on their payments
  • Maximize revenue recovered in implant repossession by not adhering to the need to keep patients alive after their products have been reclaimed.
  • Continue to use the information obtained by Red Star Clinics to find test subjects for other Evo projects.

Important Members

  • Eric Fiengold, VP of Finance
  • Dr. Anton Orlov, Geneticist and morally bankrupt surgeon

Nathan Wallace

Once a brilliant bioware and geneware developer for EVO, Nathan Wallace crossed a man he should not have. Wallace was framed for the death of his wife and the coma of his only child, Hope. Red Star VP Eric Feingold claimed that Wallace had been experimenting with EVO geneware on his family, and that was the cause of their death. Feingold used this evidence to strong arm Wallace into working for Red Star directly as a surgeon and repo man. Wallace was routinely sent out to collect on accounts that were kept off the books. Runners broke him out of the cycle after Fiengold had hired the team to take the man out. He has since relocated to San Francisco and set up a free clinic (with a backroom for runners, of course).


  • Obtain the location EVO is holding his daughter, Hope
  • Make up for the many wrongs he committed as an implant repossession employee for Red Star
  • Stay out of the clutches of Eric Fiengold
  • Build up a clinic in San Francisco, helping those who cannot help themselves.

The Story Thus Far

Ninety Days Delinquent: The Rescue of Nathan Wallace

Runners Spider, Boom Poom, Moth, Vichnozeleny, and Ironclad were hired by Johnson 597.426.667.29 (believed to be Eric Fiengold) to deal with Nathan Wallace, a rogue Red Star Clinic implant and organ repossession employee. After learning more of his story, they faced a difficult choice what to do: carry out the job or help Wallace escape the tangled web he was trapped in. They decided to fake his death and make sure he would never be seen again by Evo, relocating him to San Francisco. The consequences of being found out are severe: Fiengold had already demonstrated that he was willing to destroy lives if it helped him. With careful planning, they were able to fake Nathan's death, get him safely to San Francisco, and reduce the threat to community activist Charity Horace, who Nathan was trying to protect (Charity was Nathan's late wife's best friend).

Nathan Wallace is now operating in the shadows in San Francisco, safe from Evo - for now. Charity Horace is safe from Red Star Clinics, and can still see with the new cyber eyes provided by the runners. Moth helped arranged media coverage for the charity work that she is doing, along with Mr. J, to help them get more donations, and do more good. Hope Wallace is still in an endless coma somewhere undisclosed - she may or may not be dead, but Wallace still believes she can't be saved. Information was collected that could being the downfall of Red Star Clinics.

Little Glass Vial: A New Street Drug from an Unscrupulous Source (Dr. Anton Orlov)

Runners Moth, Relay, Iceland, and Vip3r were hired by Pierce Mcintire to find his lost part girl of a daughter, Courtney. What they found was much more sinister than just a missing girl.

It appears that Red Star Clinics had been developing a drug marketed towards making recover from surgeries quicker because it was a very effective pain killer and mild hallucinogenic. Initial testing of the drug found it to be highly addictive, however, and Red Star had discontinued its use until the side effects could be cleared up. It was fortunate then that all the round one tests had been done on the the unfortunate souls in Puyallup and Redmond Barrens. Red Star has long treated these residents as expendable. But Courtney Mcintire decided that the best way to get what she wanted was to fly a fake name and pretend she was from Puyallup - and so she was administered this narcotic by mistake. When the doctor realized his mistake, he sanitized the records of her being there. Desperate for a fix, Courtney turned to rehab buddy Billy to hook her up.

It did seem that a shipment of this drug had "mysteriously" found itself in the hands of the Yakuza. Billy managed to get enough to stabilize Courtney's need temporarily. But the young woman was found, once again, flying a fake SIN at the Powerline Sex Club in Bellevue. Once she passed out in the euphoria of her habit, Yakuza picked her up for conversion and sale to buyers overseas.

The runners managed to find Courtney and three other young women that had been forced to start the journey to being a Bunraku doll. They got everyone out and dealt with the Yakuza accordingly. The three woman with Courtney were taken to a hospital in Tarislar for treatment by Dr. Isabel Wirth. Courtney was taken back to her father.

And the last remaining street sample of the drug was shipped to Nathan Wallace with the hopes he could find some way to help counteract the drug.

Moore Ware from the Bourgeois: Finishing a Masterpiece for Mr.Rudd

Runners Moth,Flyboy,Hydro and Jenny Glitz perform a heist on a Red Star Clinic to gather some ware for Mr.Rudd to finish his David replica.

Jenny Glitz and Flyboy did the first rounds of legwork. Jenny Glitz entered the Host to discover how strong it was and in the process copied a persona belonging to a Janitor to fit in. She discovered the map of the facility, and with it, the team could begin planning their route. She went further in to find rotas and schedules for the individual departments (Janitors, Nurses, Guards, Orderlies etc) which further helped the Runners plan their heist around movements of the employees. Flyboy uses his drones to give some physcial recon, finding the keycard sealed doors and entry ways. During this process, he also found the Security Room and Drone Bays (along with the Ares Duelists found guarding the halls).

Moth and Hydro then go on to catch a Senior Janitor outside, taking his keycard by fooling him and copying it, allowing them to get into any area in the clinic. Moth pretended to be a recovering surgical patient, confused by the zydrate, which the clinic has been using; see report.

With all their legwork done, Hydro and Jenny Glitz find an entry point around the back of the building, sneaking in and using their knowledge of the movements and layout of the clinic to get to the storage room, packing it all up and getting out with the goods. Moth helped them load the goods into her well-disguised food truck. Flyboy finishes the run by casually driving Downtown while the KE response teams go towards the clinic, where the alarms were now blaring.


Moore Ware from the BourgeoisKorean_BBQ24 August 2081Flyboy
Jenny Glitz
Little Glass VialSedatedAlice7 August 2081Moth
Ninety Days DelinquentSedatedAlice16 July 2081Spider
Boom Poom