Philosophy of ceremonies

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Philosophy of ceremonies
LocationA Yakuza mansion, Bellvue
Result Assassins intercepted and defeated.
Factions Involved
Eighty-Eights Triad Maddox
Casualties and losses
3 Ganger scouts 2 Assassins


The runners were asked with help flushing out a threat to a wedding.


Downtown at Fresh, a sushi joint the runners met the J who instructed them that they are being hired by a Shotozumi semi retired boss to identify and eliminate a threat that he was made aware of, likely to happen on the day of his daughters wedding.


The runners scouted the mansion where the wedding was to take place, on the way back to their hotel hq room they were intercepted by 3 88's Triad scouts who were also doing some scouting of the location, in a back ally just outside of Bellvue a battle ensued where the gangers were quickly subdued and interrogated. The runners found an ar business card on one of the gangers leading them to a downtown china shop - a gift registry for the wedding where they were greeted by an enthusiastic salesman that got them placed on the guest list as they ordered a wedding gift.


As the day of the wedding fell, the runners scouted the in and out roads of the private mansions neighborhood and assensing identified an approaching car with a very dense level of cyberware (<1 essence for both passengers). They intercepted the car and eliminated the assassins, all without disturbing the ceremony.


18,000 nuyen 4 karma

Player Characters



WFTP 10000 Nuyen to 5karma