Prisoner Dan

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Prisoner Dan
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Knight Errant
Lucian Lavourre
Janitor Dan
Casualties and losses
  • Several civilian vehicles,
  • At least 4 KE officers unconcious.


Janitor Dan has just been arrested, and his fixer Alice Kane rushes to organise his rescue.


It's pretty late at night when Janitor Dan shows up at the Daze, and ends up tangling with Detective Barry Wender over Monica's arnaments. Dan lays a hand on the detective's contact-prepped suit, getting promptly knocked out and taken into custody. The other runners present do not meaningfully interfere.

The Meet

The meet takes place in the back room of the Daze via trid-projector. Slowride has been hired by Alice Kane to provide a speedy intercept vehicle/driver (and set up a trid-projector). Lucian is early, having been present when Dan was arested, and attempts to negotiate with Alice Kane for more pay. After they arrive, the rest of the team declines to continue negotiations due to the extrremely time-sensitive nature of the job.

The Plan

Not much, as such. The team sets out in Slowride's Heavily Modified Nissan Hauler to catch up to Dan's transport, which is being slowed down by the poor road conditions in Redmond, before they drop him off for proccessing.

The Run

As they ride off from the Daze, the team notices a Ford Americar begining to tail them. Slowride manages to lose their tail, only for the runners to then notice a Northrop Wasp hiding behind a tree. Lucian summons a spirit of man to scope it out further, and the team debates how to best deal with an armed helicopter. Eventually they tell Slowride to floor it, and they manages to loose a helicopter.

The team eventually catches up to the KE convoy of a Roadmaster and patrol car. Lucian arranges for a fire spirit to cause an accident (read: the accident spell) which will stop the transport, and after some explanation the spirit performs it's task with gusto by throwing fireballs at several cars. The resulting flaming pileup causes the Roadmaster to crash and become seperated from the patrol car. However, a KE earth elemental takes out the fire spirit. Several KE officers disembark. The team drives up while the two faces cook up a scheme.

Beakman pretends to be hysterical as a distraction as Lucian impersonates a KE officer. They approaches the ranking officer and uses several adept powers to convince him to transfer the prisoners into the team's vehicle. He eventually complies. Howler and Scurvy then attempt to ambush the officers as they open the Hauler's door, but they don't have much of the element of suprise. Nevertheless, the KE officers are quickly knocked unconcious by sword and SMG/machine pistol (handheld and vehicle-mounted), but not before Lucian has to dodge significant small arms fire. Scurvy drags an unconcious Dan and beaten-up inactive Monica into the back of the Hauler, and the team drives away from the wrecks. The earth elemental continued to watch for physical damage.


Janitor Dan and Monica are delivered unconcious to Alice Kane's cyberclinic in Kent. The team collectively manages to secure discount cyberware, vehicles, and electronics from further negotiations.

Janitor Dan retires.


¥ 10,000 / 20,000 in Cyberware / Vehicles / Electronics + 7 Karma, 4 CDP (Or! Slowride as a 2/1 contact!)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Arr, fine first job in Seattle. This rainy shithole might not be too bad. It's fraggin good to finally have a fraggin quality leg. No more dead man's shoes for this ork.