Real Men Use Coupons

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Real Men Use Coupons
LocationSouth Bellevue Cyberware Lab
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Microcenter Technologies
Messenger 7
Casualties and losses
Haha, no None, surprisingly


Four fully 'wared freaks break into a cyberware lab and expropriate approximately 100% of their stock, dumping it all into a van and bouncing posthaste.


Anything Andy has a line on a recently poorly-guarded cyberware lab that's in a state of flux. Sinister gets the tip and organizes a crew of the Haven's finest limbed-out legends to get their hands on the 'ware and maybe get paid (but mostly just get their hands on the 'ware).

The Meet

The team meets Andy at Boozeman's bar, and they get the skinny on Microcenter Technologies. Andy has his hands on the security schedule, and knows the team has around a four-day window to hit the lab before security tightens.

The Plan

With Crypt3ch finding the lab's plans on the 'trix and Burn0ut borrowing Alice Kane's Ford Econovan (along with giving it some quick crime-readiness upgrades), the team plans to simply get in, grab the 'ware, and go.

The Run

Crypt3ch successfully infiltrates and subverts the lab's host, effectively taking control of all the security features without the spider noticing. The team breaks in through a window and hacks through a wall, reaching the warehouse section of the compound. With the van outside, the team fights off both matrix and physical security while running back and forth to the window to load crates into the van, eventually taking all of them thanks to Crypt3ch managing to lock many of the guards behind security doors and the bulletproof nature of the runners on the job. With that, they simply hop into the van and make their exit, Burn0ut pushing the mundane vehicle to its limits.


Upon delivery to Anything Andy, the team happily avails themselves of the 'ware on offer, Andy fencing the rest and passing on a little more to the less cyber-hungry cohorts.


64,000 ¥ in cyberware, convertible to half that amount in hard cash. 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Oh yeah, fresh limb time. Haven't felt this good since I first got them replaced! Now, time to focus on the bioware side of things. Oh, I can't wait can't wait let's get to work come on Teller get me some jobs!

Oh, the run? Very smooth operating. Though I will need to hit the books and figure out how a miniwelder actually works... that 'ware I'm looking at should help with that....

Messenger 7

New arm feels good, yes. A rather self-serving job, by the reckoning of my master, but it matters little. The pursuit of personal perfection is, after all, the path to godliness. Many tools have been provided to me. I will ensure they are not left to waste. A shame Andy wanted this done 'cleanly'. It would have been nice to put the new blade through its paces.