Reformation Hunt 1

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Reformation Hunt 1
Part of The Reformation
LocationHouston, Texas
Factions Involved
Cyber Knight
Black Paladin
Dudes in black
Docwagon HTR
Mason Pearson
Casualties and losses
Dudes in Black!
a Docwagon Glass Window
Mason Pearson
Roofus's Weapon Mount
Window washing dude


<Kenny Loggins 'Danger Zone' begins playing>

Cyber Knight and Dr. Boo team up to take out #1 on the list, Mason Pearson, a Docwagon researcher studying heavy metal poisoning. The two target him during the day, and take out three rival bounty hunting gangs after a late afternoon of crazy airplane jumps, knuckle clenching maneuvers and general badassery. They of course complete their mission with style, culminating with Cyber Knight dueling an Airplane, and coming out on top.

Bounty List.

The Search

Dr. Boo does some matrix diggery and the two go to Houston, flying in a Vory cold war era cargo plane. They are armed with the knowledge of where Mason Pearson works, and a general layout of the Docwagon Arcology. They deiced to enter the docwagon towers in Houson by chartering the plane to fly directly overhead so they can just jump directly down out of the plane.

Dr. Boo goes down first to clear the way for cyber knight. After accelerating out of the plane, maneuvering stealthily to avoid detection from docwagon's Anti Air Missile defense systems, he blasts the window on the fifth floor out with a single gel round. The sound alerts Docwagon that there's been a break into their archology, but that's fine because Cyber Knight jumps down with a loud jetpack. The two make their way inside the archology, running to the stairs. The building filled the fifth floor with toxic gas, which Cyber Knight shrugged off easily.

The two runners leave a false trail on the fourth floor, and then make their way to the second floor where they know Mason Pearson's living quarters is located. They break in and change the locks to only accept Mason Pearson's Biometric authorization. Dr. Boo scans the living quarters and finds a listening device hidden under the Living room table. He tells Cyber Knight, who looks out the window to see three other bounty hunting teams all swarming the area. One of them is a nearby window washer, who is holding a rocket-launcher rather than a window cleaner. Cyber Knight takes offense at this and plots to shoot him out of the sky.

Dr. Boo then begins impersonating Mason Pearson in audio range of the listening device. This causes a team of Bounty Hunters in Black to shoot a grapple line over. Cyber Knight sneaks onto the balcony and shoots the cables holding the negligent window washer, who falls to his death and dies. Dr. Boo sneaks over to a window and shoots the grapple line with a Tranq dart. Three of the four Bounty Hunters in Black hit the dart and are destabilized from their grapple. He shoots the fourth bounty hunter in the hand with a tranq Dart.

With one team of bounty hunters stealthily dealt with, the team sits and waits in Mason's Living room, until they see TROG! in a synthskin mask knock on the door and ask for Mason Pearson. After receiving no response, TROG! saunters off to hide in the stairwell.

When Mason Pearson and his team of Body Guards step out of the Elevator, TROG! charges at them and begins doing battle. Mason Pearson runs to his Living Unit, desperate to escape the rampaging Troll.

The Kill

As soon as Mason opens the door, he is confronted by a waiting Cyber Knight, who promptly decapitates him, and drags his body into the apartment. He shuts the door, and the team hears his security detail attempt and fail to get into the domicile. He hands the head to Dr. Boo, and they both make their exit out the window. Dr. Boo flies off, undetected. Meanwhile Cyber Knight lands VERY LOUDLY with his jetpack. He tries to activate his stealth suite, but it's no use as a Black Jet spots him and hovers behind him.

Cyber Knight jumps at the airplane and attacks it with his sword. After his blade pierces the hull of the airplane, he holds on through a retinue of aerial evasive maneuvers. After he slices a weapon mount off Rufus, the airplane, Rufus scans him and finds out Cyber Knight doesn't have the head. The two combatants agree to end combat, and the Black Paladin calls Cyber Knight on his commlink and sends him his buisness card, impressed with the flying Street Samurai.

Cyber Knight and Dr. Boo make their way to a Vory airfield and take off back to Seattle with their bounty.


The Vory land on Heron Island. Dr. Boo Takes off before they can land. Cyber Knight successfully turns into the head to Valios, who then crosses Maison Pearson off the list of potential threats. The two runners split the profits and agree it was a job well done.


  • 16,000¥
  • 4 Karma
  • 2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Cyber Knight: <TopGun.mp5> Plays video feed of CK's POV jetpacking on top of a black fighter jet while the plane rained lead and hellfire on the streets and stabbing the plane clean through with a dura-titanium claymore. The jet blasts off into the atmosphere at full throttle doing barrel rolls while CK hangs on holding the sword impaling the plane "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" "WE....DON'T....HAAAVE...T..DO..THISSS! BUUU...I...WILLLL...IF....YUUU...FOOOOORCE...ME" Gun turrets pop out of the plane as the plane become horizontal again, CK impaling the turret with the point just poking the gunner underneath the armored chassis. "You don't have the head" loudspeakers blare from the plane. "No I don't" The plane decelerates and the two runners depart amicably without further violence, with CK simply jumping off the plane from a 1000 feet and jetpacking onto the ground