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Bounty List

<Accessing Directory>
<Bounty List Accessed>

We desire that the following twenty-four people be terminated. Manner and timing are irrelevant.

Payment is set at 32,000¥ per head, to be delivered to our assessor, Valois, at the Herron Island Estate in Seattle <location.dat>. Requested proof of death is the target's severed head.

All entries on this list are to be terminated by 1200 UTC on March 10, 2081
No. Name Organization Rank Status Pending Run Time
1 Mason Pearson DocWagon Researcher TERMINATED AND PAID
2 Lily King Knight Errant Captain TERMINATED AND PAID
3 Caleb Richardson Hand of Five Lieutenant TERMINATED AND PAID
4 Aiden Cooper Seattle City Council (Medical Board) Chairperson Unclaimed
5 Abigail Parker Renraku Research Lead TERMINATED AND PAID
6 Dominick Chambers DocWagon First Responder Unclaimed
7 Zoe Briggs Briggs' Street Cyber Owner/Operator TERMINATED AND PAID
8 Elizabeth Newman Lone Star Detective Unclaimed
9 Willian Toten The Ancients N/A TERMINATED AND PAID
10 Elanor Hopkins UCASA Captain (retired) TERMINATED AND PAID
11 Kirk Hurley Unity Lieutenant TERMINATED AND PAID
12 Kai Jackson Wuxing Researcher Unclaimed
13 Luka Nagasa Yakuza Komon TERMINATED AND PAID
14 Gena Gant Lone Star Detective Unclaimed
15 Brett Pace Unity Captain TERMINATED AND PAID
16 Eve Fletcher Knight Errant HTR Officer TERMINATED AND PAID
17 Mary Norris CASAF Commander TERMINATED AND PAID
18 Billy Heart Humanis Outreach Officer TERMINATED AND PAID
19 Raul Chang Octagon Triad Red Pole TERMINATED AND PAID
20 Barbara Sykes EVO Researcher TERMINATED AND PAID
21 Coro Gimenez Aztechnology Arcane Researcher TERMINATED AND PAID
22 Scarlett Bell SpinGlobal DJ SuperRadical Supreme TERMINATED AND PAID
23 Briana Rasmussen Tir Ghosts Paladin TERMINATED AND PAID
24 Aisa Hirito Red Samurai Rikugun-Chūi TERMINATED AND PAID

Summary of Repository as Kept by Twitch

Valois is (supposedly) a middle-man, hired by an undisclosed group to present a list of bounties. Appearing inside the Shadowhaven guest node, he offered 32,000 nuyen for the head of each person from the list. This was greeted initially with great interest, but soon people began to worry about who was on the list.

There are several individuals on this list that seem to have strong ties. It starts with Barbara Sykes, who was researching the effects of Halley's comet, which caused the SURGE and creation of natural orichalcum, the latter disappearing when the comet left. Note that orichalcum has not occurred naturally before or since this time that we know of, but it can be made artificially by a capable alchemist. She revealed that some people were caught in an explosion/explosions that resulted in them being exposed to Orichalcum. This exposure has given them a very powerful resistance to mind magic, to the point of repelling Deimos, one of the strongest mages on the Haven. Linked to this case are Briana Rasmussen, Aiden Cooper, and one more unnamed person who Brianna indicated but is not indicated in Haven files. It may also involve one other, but this is based off speculation. This last one has a time frame for the exposure of approximately 5 weeks prior to the posting of the list. Aisa Hirito was part of a super-soldier project under Abigail Parker and had an adverse reaction, resulting in her going on medical leave. Whether or not this relates directly to orichalcum and Sykes' research is not known at this time. Dr. Boo has mentioned that another target is also involved in research regarding SURGE and/or "heavy metal poisoning." This may also be related. In total, we are looking at at least iui 6 9 individuals who are very likely connected through one thread; this is incredibly unlikely to occur from 24 randomly selected individuals. Dominick Chambers is likely connected here as well, as indicated by Hurley and Pace, who, having known the connection, can probably be grouped here too.

Notes on orichalcum: Orichalcum is a heavy metal that can cause heavy metal poisoning. It is believed that exposure to orichalcum can induce SURGE.

The other observation noted is that many of these have also upset their superiors. The Haven has discussed and many agree it is a possibility that Valois' list is not a single list, necessarily, but multiple lists combined together.

Alternatively, there is another working theory that it is a single list with multiple red herrings, probably the more criminal types, in order to throw people off track and/or convince people that no matter how nice these people seem, they are on the same level as Humanis and Hand of Five members by virtue of sharing a list.

Possibile things to look into: Was Aisa in an Orichalcum explosion? William Toten was treating an epidemic in the Ancients. Was this related to the first group? Is he a part of the second group, an unrelated hit?

And it would be neglectful not to mention the e-ghost Madame, who seems opposed to Valois and refuses to be in the host while he is. Madame has given two major pieces of information: the address of a host that may have answers (?), and that there is a ritual in preparation that “must be stopped.”

There is some indication that the castle in which bounties are taken (owned by Herron Land Holdings, whose CEO, or at least their face, operates the ferry running between Tacoma and the island; also note that HLH is actually a shell company of a shell company of a... you get it, if Lucky Chance Inc, a corporation whose main source of profit is gambling and whose CEO, Devon LeChance, has been presumed dead since disappearing in 2054) is a mage trap and there may be something sinister lurking below. Viper, in a conversation with the supposed CEO, indicated his father bought the island, and that most of his coworkers were spirits. Shamrock also indicated that the father performed some kind of ritual on the island, causing centuries of growth to occur over 50 years. Evidence indicates "some kind of oil" flowing under the castle.

You're forgetting the SURGE. They are related somehow. Dr. Boo(talk)
I'm not hugely sure, but wasn't the ferryman dude the CEO of Herron Land Holdings, the subsidiary? - Deimos(talk)
Re: Madame; it seems less she doesn't want to appear in the host and more cannot appear in the Matrix while Valois can access it. Hence, we had to acquire a dummy head. -Tanuki(talk)
Some kinda weird, ancient, powerful summoning/weather magic thing's going down, drawing on the ambient abundant mana of the island, which itself may technically be made from a form of sacrifice magic, albeit a self-sacrifice due to drain, like the people killed performing the Great Ghost Dance, but thankfully on a much smaller scale. -Witchblade(talk)
And that mage trap room temporarily severs a spirit-summoner link, but doesn't dismiss the spirit, and the link returns when you leave. -Shamrock(talk)
Did some checking. Birthdays of all 24 have no meaningful correlations. -Twitch(talk)

Individual Bounty Boards

Comments on each bounty may be made below. These can range from expressions of interest to data obtained which is for sale.

Give me a call for pretty much anything. I'm always down for a good fight. --Riot (talk)

Mason Pearson

If I don't get around to this one, I can sell his location for cheap.- Dr. Boo (talk

Lily King

Was strapped from head to to with weapons. Drove in a Squad of three city-masters. Worked on the Redmond Barrens Suppression squad.

Caleb Richardson

Aiden Cooper

This bounty is DEAD. Just because the Johnsons and I got into a little disagreement about the veracity of his fraggin' bio-metric readings, does not make this individual any less DEAD. Hunt this one your own risk. --Dr. Boo (talk)
Marionette and I have this villain. --Dr. Boo (talk)

Abigail Parker

The place is a warzone. There are two large groups of hunters, the Arcaneum and a black-clad crew. They appear to be forcing an evacuation somehow, the manner is unclear. Renraku staff are fleeing, and are being mostly ignored by the hunters. Eventually a squad bursts out, attempting to engage the hunters to protect their principal, a black-garbed woman, Abigail. She and her unit put up one hell of a fight, these are clearly some of her supersoldiers. But they are cut down when, with his distinctive roar, TROG enters the fray.

The fight changes pace quickly when the supersoldiers start to fall, until Abagail is decapitated by an Arcaneum mercenary. The fight then becomes who gets the head- in the end TROG legs it with the head under his arm like a football. However the edge of a distinctive black jet closing in suggests it might not be  TROG who handed it in...

Dominick Chambers

Riot and I handled this one. He's someplace safe, ready to be pulled out to stop the ritual, if necessary, and hopefully out of the other Hunters' reach.

Zoe Briggs

I want her, down if anyone else wants too. This one is in Beuville, has complete disregard on safe medical procedures and likes to experiment. Destroy the research. - Evans Doyle
Hell with it, I'm in. Medical atrocities have a special place in my heart. Usagi

Elizabeth Newman

Boom Poom and I are getting Newman and Gant out of danger from these brutes. -Tupelo (talk)
Just say the word and you've got me an' 'Fina at your disposal. Those ladies were nice to me when not many people were. That's worth the air fuel. - Eagle Eye

Willian Toten

Doctor for the Ancients. Got roughed up by his own gang for treating rival gangers. Powerful Magical Doctor, was fixing an epidemic the gang was suffering from.
I'm pretty confident I can get my way to this one, but wouldn't mind some support. --Riot (talk)

Elanor Hopkins

I didn't kill Elanor. I just killed the man that did and took the head from him to cash it in. The oni bounty hunter called Hawk carried a red Samurai katana, which I assume was some kind of trophy taken from a red sam he killed. I guess by besting him, I indirectly bested a red sam. Speaking of Elanor. I'd say I avenged her death. - Cyber Knight

Kirk Hurley

Hurley 'n Pace's days're numbered... -Dandy (talk)

Kai Jackson

I have this persons information for sale.  Dr. Boo (talk)

Luka Nagasa

So the Yakuza basically fetter people, you know? Fettering is not very nice. I mean, you see all these trids about how horrible people think it is to be a puppet, but nobody talks about fettering, which is totally the same thing. Anyway, total villain, do not approve. I help Viper with that person who just disrupts people, and get help with this guy who is like way worse, right? --Reverie (talk)

Gena Gant

Boom Poom and I are getting Newman and Gant out of danger from these Brutes. - Tupelo (talk)
Just say the word and you've got me an' 'Fina at your disposal. Those ladies were nice to me when not many people were. That's worth the air fuel. - Eagle Eye

Brett Pace

I have a little bit of information on this guy but not much. Suspect him of being affected by Toxic Magic, ask me for who on this list he might be associated with.-Dr. Boo (talk)  
Hurley 'n Pace's days're numbered... -Dandy (talk)

Eve Fletcher

Mary Norris

Oh man, I have a GREAT idea. --Riot (talk)

Billy Heart

This one's mine. Reverie's offered to help out, so I'll be going after the bastard with her. But Humanis is...a personal thing. --Viper (talk)

Raul Chang

File in Repository:

<news story.dat> This news story very vaguely highlights the operations of the Octagons in the area that Chang operates in.

<news story 2.dat> A blog, less vetted and official, but an ARO confirms that whoever dug this file up has researched it himself and found this to be 100% true. While the story never mentions the name, the one who dug up the file conclusively says all actions are from Raul Chang. It highlights 2 killings, each done in brutal fashion. Reports indicate that there were elevated hormone levels and 0 hesitation in the cuts as each victim was tortured and killed over an extended period of time. The blogger never identified the victims, but new AROs pop up, identifying the first victim as someone who crossed the Octagons, and the second as a member of Chang's entourage who had apparently slighted him. The exact offense is unknown, but it is believed to not be especially heinous.

<Forums.dat> These forums speculate as to the command structure of the Octagon triads. The sections about Red Pole are highlighted and there are additional AROs that pop up confirming or denying info. From what you glean, a Red Pole is basically middle management, in charge of his section, but not making major decisions about how to expand business or how to interact with the other sections of the Octagons. When you finish the file, another ARO pops up. "Look, he may be middle management, but he's middle management of guys with guns. He can't make the decisions, and this is likely to make him frustrated more than complacent. And frustrated with a gun is a bad combo."

<securitycam.vid> Video of him holding a paper. A second AR window pops up showing you that the e-paper actually has the same bounty list. He is on the phone arguing with someone. Subtitles reveal that he is trying to arrange an exit from Seattle. An ARO forms taking in the best quality picture of his face. This is good enough you can recognize him. Subtitles continue and you can tell that whoever is on the other end is not playing ball. He will have to find his own exit.

<clubvideo.mp4> This poorly shot video seems to come off a commlink in a club. It's capturing some girl dancing, but it zooms in on a guy in the background, obviously post-editing for your sake. His face is highlighted for a moment and you get another ARO with his picture. The others are not as clear, but they are highlighted as higher ups in the Octagons. They seem to be arguing. Text displays for the sections in which we can see their lips moving and you can tell he's in trouble with the higher ups.

Barbara Sykes

An audio recording for the Repository: "Yeah, so you want to know about what happened with Barbara Sykes? Well, we ran the oldest trick where we turned ourselves in for the reward money and then took off with her as a statue. Don't worry about it. You don't really want that story, you just want what the slotter said. She was part of an EVO research team studying the Comet, it's effects on SURGE..." A rumbling, animalistic, happens in the audio here. A few more seconds pass. "so it can be duplicated by the Corp. We all know their successes there. Apparently the comet has a buttload of orichalum, or whatever the stuff is from the comet. She was ignorant of the list, but became very helpful when she mentioned the effects; apparently a number of people who have encountered explosions with the shit present, get freakily violent immunity to mind magic where mages have broken their necks trying against these guys. Aiden Cooper was one, there was another one on this list. She also mentioned the Valois fragger was essentially just the guy who sorted bounties, both for and against Corps. Apparently, he's too useful to kill. We executed her after she was no use; she created me and Yata, and probably was part of fragging up Esper as well. Truthfully, as fucked up as that is, I'm glad I ain't alone. They might have info I missed, if they wanna talk to you fraggers, they will. Boom Poom out." -- Boom Poom

Coro Gimenez

Scarlett Bell

What kinda rank is 'DJ SuperRadical Supreme' anyways? Either way I call dibs on this one! --Rapture 
Update: I got info from Twitch on the target for the public eye, her commlink's been stashed in The Under Solace --Rapture 
<Rankings.dat> Various rankings of SpinGlobal. One is highlighted and the file automatically scrolls to this position when the file is opened. Her position is highlighted and the description explains that she is the top ranked combatant among the SpinGlobal DJs and in charge of training future DJs

<Super Rad YoYo DJ Battle> Her training dojo in which she trains a large number of SpinRad Combat DJs. Her DJs tend to use bladed yoyos.

<Internal_memo.dat> Dated about 5 weeks prior, an explosion (the source is not indicated) has damaged her. She is to be shipped to a medical facility in St. Louis. <linked medical data> Suffering some complications, but recovery progresses.

<Where_is_her_protection.dat> A concerned manager wonders why her personal bodyguard is stationed so far away (an exact distance not mentioned) and recommends they be positioned closer (exact distance not mentioned). Parts of it are highlighted, indicating that her bodyguard detachment includes personally trained Combat DJs as well as personally trained Cyber Centaurs,

<holdings.dat> A file that highlights several property holdings that are likely safe house retreats. Once you read it, a new AR window pops up, apologizing that he couldn't find actual locations, but at least you know they exist? Maybe you'll have more luck if you can get more direct access to her files?

Briana Rasmussen

I'm going back to my vacation now. --Purkinje
Anyone with questions about this bounty can read the story in the Haven Host room. --Tanuki

Aisa Hirito

Carbon claimed credit for this one. Recently got off of medical leave and suspects that's why she was put on the list. Was in Kyoto when Carbon killed her.


[A more in Depth Guide to booking sessions]

While we organize a better scheduling option, we have a temporary GM booking solution.

There is a google scheduling calendar here

To book a time slot, create a event on your own calendar, titled with the attending team and preferred target, then add as a guest.

Times need to be within time blocks a GM has indicated, and not overlapping another group. Aim for about 3 hours for a single bounty.

Mal's Bad-Feels Bounty

User:Malibi is offering to pay 5 GMP per head to the team that has the most sad, poignant, downright-unfair bounty. You know, kicking the dog levels of bad. Submit your AARs detailing the story of terrible mercenary Shadowrunners, lives cut cruelly short, and well-deserved Notoriety gain. Once all bounties have been claimed (or Valois winds up getting somebody else to do it due to us taking too long), these will be graded by Mal and a shadowy cabal of people to be named (also taking applicants, heh) and the winners announced here.

For GMs

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