Reformation Hunt 22

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Reformation Hunt 22
Part of The Reformation
LocationSt Louis, UCAS
Factions Involved
Scarlett Bell


Dragon and Rapture take on entry 22 of The Bounty List, Scarlett Bell.

The Search

Given prior information as to the location and state of the target, the two proceeded over the UCAS border via smuggler under a shipment of "fresh" seafood. The compound was relatively secure and it was deemed that walking through the front door was unsuitable and any attempts to climb the glass surface would be risking a hard fall, so the runners tailed a security guard home before zapping him and dumping him in a dumpster. The pair then proceeded to use his car to access the underground parking garage. The security room was conveniently located in the parking garage, surrounded by reinforced concrete of course, and locked via a maglock, which was subsequently hacked. The security guard inside was zapped and a small bomb was taped to the console before the runners proceeded back outside, where two more guards were waiting. The battle was short but sweet and the two were stuck and shocked. The runners then proceeded upwards via the elevator until radar picked up a large (horse sized) figure standing directly in front of the elevator doors on the floor the target was recuperating on. Realizing the danger, the runners climbed onto the roof of the elevator as it was torn apart by a volley of automatic fire. The pair then pried open the above stairs and proceeded back down to the floor, where they fought with the centaur from the stairwell. The centaur dropped due to a terminal case of APDS to the brain and revealed that he was a living bomb with a countdown that made just about as much sense as the rest of Spinglobal (it counted down at seemingly random intervals). The target attempted to shoot at the two shadowrunners using a shotgun, but was terminated shortly after the first shot was fired. The head collected, the two rappelled out of the building as the 5th floor exploded above them.


The pair handed over the head to Valois and the commlink to haven.


  • 32,000¥ divided between two runners (16,000¥ each)
  • -2 faction rep SpinGlobal
  • 2 karma
  • 2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Dragon- I'm thinking I might need some better bullets. We started in the basement and went upwards. I knew there was a cybercentaur, but damn I didn't think he was going to be as armored as he was. And the bomb? That's just cruel. On the bright side, it probably wiped out some of the evidence.