The Reformation

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This metaplot deals with a bounty hunt - 24 names to be dead by the 1st of September 2081. Runs involving the hunt expose preferably player-organised teams to one (or more) of the bounties, to be delivered to an assessor in a modern castle estate on Herron Island, in the Seattle sounds. List is HERE

The run format is simple. Provide the players with the opportunity to kill one or more of the people on the list. The bounty is 32,000¥, or 16 RVP (Max High Threat), and is per HEAD, not per RUNNER. Negotiation is not allowed - consider the assessor, Valois, to have a negotiation dicepool of Fuck Off. However, teams will need to divide the bounty, lowering the threat level. Balance the threat level by issuing Karma to match RVP requirements, or by introducing 'bounty hunters' - NPCs who also want to win the bounty. Players can attempt to kill several targets in a session.

Bounty targets should be more likely to flee than stay and fight, and those less combat-capable should have at least one protector.

Conditions for bounty payment are: Whoever DELIVERS the target's head to Herron Island Estate is paid 32,000¥.

If you need notes on a character, contact Dark, as he has a list, including special notes for some characters.

Factions Involved

Patriots First Bank

The Assessor of the hunt, one Valois, is a french banker, currently working for the Patriot's First Bank as a Mr. Johnson and Bounty Assessor. He currently resides in rooms at the Herron Island Castle.


  • Verify the death of the 24 bounties.
  • Pay the required amount for each bounty.

The Financier

Nothing is known about the financier as yet, aside from the fact that they own Herron Island Estate.


  • Kill 24 people of different backgrounds.


Herron Island Estate

Herron island is a privately-owned estate with an airfield and a dock, extensive forests, and a castle built on a spire of rock overlooking the sounds. Bounty hunters deliver the heads to the assessor inside this castle. Inside this castle are a number of waiting rooms, a garage displaying a number of expensive vehicles, and the assessor's office.

Boats are available from the mainland, but GMs are encouraged to use transport not owned by the runners as prime targets for other bounty hunters to steal the head(s) runners may have acquired.

Upon delivery, the runners are trapped in a reinforced mage cell while the assessor verifies the bounty. (This cell inhibits the summoning of spirits, weakens magic and is a faraday cage when sealed) If the bounty is proven to be false, the bounty hunters are executed by gases, boiling oil (napalm stats) or gun turrets. If the bounty is verified, the hunters are released, 32,000¥ per head richer.

If you can, take a good hard look at the place on the astral. There are plenty of free spirits around the place, but something about the castle has them spooked. It could be that giant frag-off alarm ward around the place. If that's even what it really is. I don't know, something about it felt... Off... And that's not even going into that weird, dark astral cloud over the place. It's seriously creepy. I couldn't figure out what the frag was up with it myself, so, now you know what to look for. --Riot (talk)


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Rambozo The Clown
Trash Panda
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Reformation Hunt 6Darklordiablo5 March 2081Riot
Reformation Hunt 13Darklordiablo28 February 2081Dragon
Reformation Hunt 7Darklordiablo28 February 2081Usagi
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Reformation Hunt 8 14Darklordiablo28 February 2081The Tupelo Mississippi Flash
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Reformation Hunt 10Darklordiablo26 February 2081Cyber Knight
Reformation Hunt 17Darklordiablo25 February 2081Riot
Reformation Hunt 11 15Darklordiablo25 February 2081"Dandy" Dale Hardin
Reformation Hunt 18Darklordiablo22 February 2081Reverie
Reformation Hunt 20Darklordiablo22 February 2081Yata
Boom Poom
Reformation Hunt 24Darklordiablo22 February 2081Carbon
Reformation Hunt 2 9Darklordiablo21 February 2081Riot
Reformation Hunt 21Darklordiablo21 February 2081Shamrock
Reformation Hunt 23Darklordiablo21 February 2081Tanuki
Reformation Hunt 16 19Darklordiablo20 February 2081Kani
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