Reformation Hunt 8 14

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Reformation Hunt 8 14
Part of The Reformation
LocationAustin, Texas, CAS
Factions Involved
Boom Poom
Gena Gant
Elizabeth Newman
Buck Gant
Lone Star HTR
Black Paladin
HOW THE HELL DID THEY GET IN (the mercenary company)
The Mad Road


Tupelo and Boom Poom go to rescue numbers 8 an 14 on The Bounty List, the Lone Star Detectives.

The Search

Due to some assistance from the technomancer Twitch and the rigger Eagle Eye borrowing his blimp--I mean, zeppelin-- Tupelo and Boom Poom were able to to head to the Lone Star headquarters where they were able to find the detectives in Astral Crimes, a number of the Lone Star staff excited to meet a Lone Star legend like Tupelo. After convincing Gant and Newman that they were here to extract them, a visit to the makeup chair and going down to the underground bunkers to get Gant's husband; they found the elevators were disabled to go back up.

The Kill(ing of Most Everyone Else)

After popping some drugs and arming Buck Gant with the spare sniper rifle in Boom Poom's duffel bag, an reactivation of the elevators was attempted by going to the control room, which was both locked and occupied with bounty hunters, the second of which were dispatched with both the underestimating of the runners and Lonestar, and a grenade accident on behalf of the mercs killing their own men.

Due to concerns of getting folks out, the runners found themselves finding only one real way up; the glass elevator. Fortunately, Boom Poom found some ballistics shields which they placed on the windows for extra protection.

Tupelo's disguise worked too well, the mercenaries went harder rather than showing care for their targets.

What followed afterward was an elevator race to the top, with glass elevator to elevator combat. Some highlights were:

-Boom Poom casting Demolish Gun on an elevator full of gun toting mercenaries, making them useless

-Gema Gant pulling no less than three guns from hyperspace

-Tupelo and Gant murdering an another elevator with choke and suppression

-Mr. Gant terrorizing a number of targets with that sniper rifle

-The use of a lubrication grenade used to hilarious effect.

-The opfor actually managed to jack a helicopter and hit our heroes with a rocket, which turned out to be a dud.

-Black Paladin showing up and somehow not noticing our heroes right away.

After eliminating most of the opfor in the elevators for now, they had only a few seconds to act. A grenade was thrown, and that black jet soaked it. Finally, a Trid Phantasm was cast to make the elevator empty, and with a catch in their throat, the runners and the people they were protecting managed to exfil through Eagle Eye's bl--zeppelin.


  • 10,000¥
  • 10 karma
  • 2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)