Reformation Hunt 7

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Reformation Hunt 7
Part of The Reformation
LocationBellevue, Seattle
Factions Involved
Evans Doyle
Zoe Briggs
Trolls at Doors Guard
Inutilis Mage


Doyle, Usagi and Lucky team up, claiming the head of number 7 on The Bounty List, Zoe Briggs.

The Search

The Kill



  • 32,000¥ divided between 4 runners. (10,666¥ for Doyle and Lucky, 7,666¥ for Usagi and 3,000¥ for Energizer)
  • 3/4 contact Amanda of the newly rebranded Amanda's Street Cyber.
  • 2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Finally got slice of bounty hunts, Zoe the Hackjob Doc.Met the team in "Flying bottle" lived up to its name as bottles flew at us when we entered. Usagi, Luck and me got to the her shop in Beuville. Usagi went in to scout the place pretending to be a customer. Inside was this very nice giant nurse, we kinda took symathy to her and Usagi called Energizer to place her in late Zoe's will. Next issue was troll guarding the front door, solved that by dropping Kodiak on him. Lucky and me sneaked inside while Usagi done crowd distaction.Getting on second floor we found her panic room we ignored it for a time being, I heard something behind a door, Lucky melted half pf it creating a loud fall and revealing a gun pointing at the door. Hearing her from the kitchen I ran inside just to be hit by a knife, second time something was thrown at me today. So I shot her with a SnS, waited her to wake up and say where prototye is. Didnt cooperated so we killed her. Found it on 1st floor and dumped it in the ocean, took the head to fancy castle and got our payment.