Reformation Hunt 20

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Reformation Hunt 20
Part of The Reformation
LocationMinneapolis, UCAS
Factions Involved
Boom Poom
Barbara Sykes


Three criminals wanted by Evo hunt down an employee associated with the SURGE project.

The Search

Knowing basic information about Sykes' identity and location from matrix searches, the team set out for Minneapolis. Rick Rampant connected Esper to a smuggler who was able to get them past checkpoints and all the way to the Twin Cities. Once there, they cavalierly decided to enter the building without much more legwork. Esper donned her identity as a KE detective, this time planning to turn in Boom Poom and Yata for their bounties. This got them inside the building, and with a little mind control, the bursar was convinced Esper was a friend of Sykes' and that she should take the team to see her. On the way, she transferred the bounty to Esper via credstick.

Around this time, another bounty hunter named TROG came crashing in to capture Sykes. The team knew they needed to act fast, so they sprang into action, gunning down the bursar and her two bodyguards. Esper found Sykes in her office and petrified her before she could react. The team then blew a hole in the tower and extracted to the street, 8 stories down, carrying Sykes as a statue. TROG caught up with them and leapt to the ground with a combination of physical magic and troll resilience, though Esper gave him an unsteady landing that dazed him for a minute.

Sneaking away from the Evo dragnet, the team managed to evade TROG. However, they were spotted by an Evo search vehicle, which began to chase after Yata at high speed. Esper created a barrier directly in front of its bumper, causing it to crash in spectacular fashion and kill everyone inside. The team got away safely and extracted via the smuggler's car.

The Kill

Back in Seattle, the team turned Sykes back to normal. They brought her to a secure location and interrogated her. She was completely unable to resist the compelling powers of a psychic interrogator, and the team soon learned that she had researched the role of orichalcum in the SURGE phenomenon. She was unaware of the bounty, though she knew some of the other researchers on the list. The team decided that they wanted her dead regardless of whether Valois was a bad guy or not. Esper turned her to stone again, and Boom Poom used a monofilament chainsaw to sever her head from her body cleanly.


The head was verified by Valois, and the team received the promised reward.


  • 35,000¥
  • 2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I had previously feared returning to face the might of the Evo Corporation. I realized, however, that I have grown far more powerful than I knew. Doubtless those watching me will be prepared when I show my face to them, but a corporation is no monolithic entity. I realize that now; foolish as it seems, I used to think of it as a giant monster hunting me. I hope the others find some closure. I am only getting started.

Boom Poom

There's a lot of drek about how revenge makes you feel bad when it's done. I don't feel bad at all. Being able to strike back at one of the people responsible for my condition was empowering. With the right friends and the right amount of time, we'll be able to settle accounts; with EVO being a cinder.

That said, I'm not any closer in finding the man who turned me into this. Some call him a middle management financial desk jockey who'd sell his own son out for promises of a promotion. I called him Dad.