Reformation Hunt 4

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Reformation Hunt 4
Part of The Reformation
LocationTacoma, Seattle
Factions Involved
Aiden Cooper
Seattle Council Guards
Boo's own damn drone
Casualties and losses
Boo's own damn drone


Dr. Boo kidnaps Aiden Cooper, a seattle City Congressman who used to work for Knight Errant as a Field medic, currently focusing on curing SURGE.

The Search

Dr. Boo knew Aiden Cooper's normal Route, so he staked out Aiden's Residence, and followed the Vehicle driving Aiden around. He waited until the Vehicle went in to Tacoma before dropping a roadstrip on the vehicle and pinning the Vehicle to a nearby dumpster. Aiden Coopers bodyguards resisted, shooting back, while Dr. Boo inside his rotodrone unloaded full clips of Gel rounds into them, eventually knocking them out. Dr. Boo then picked up Aiden Coopers unconscious body and restrained him. He made his way out before HTR could arrive.

The Kill

Dr. Boo then Interrogated Aiden Cooper, promising to let him live if he gave answers, claiming he cared little whether Aiden Cooper lived or died. Aiden Cooper started talking, and knew very little about Orichalcum.

Dr. Boo then called up his contact, an Emergency Dispatcher to get him a fake cadaver, fusing a synth-skin mask to the head. He then spent a long time (4 hours) forging a believable Aiden Cooper head to turn in to Valios.


Dr. Boo then Flew his Dustoff to Heron Island, loaded with an anthrodrone and the forged head inside a docwagon pelican case. Valios was unhappy to see just an anthrodrone meeting him, but accepted it and took the head to the scanner. After receiving an inconclusive result from the DNA test, the scanner took a closer look at the head, and one of the four scanners flagged the head as being a forgery. This led to Valios Disabling Dr. Boo's anthrodrone, and installing skimmers and an explosive on it, then telling the Anthrodrone to "return home" and blow up.

Dr Boo saw the Anthrodrone running toward him and told his car to start driving. Meanwhile, he tried to hack into the ANthrodrone and tell it to shutdown. After a long complicated process, during which Dr. Boo's other drones started to spin up, he managed to successfully shutdown his drone.

The drone then blew up, as the explosive lodged in its chest detonated. Dr. Boo rebooted, and collected the parts of the drone, having earned no money, but holding onto a Seattle City councilman for a few weeks, for the time being.


  • 11 karma
  • 2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Dr. Boo

Eh. Yeah. Run could have gone smoother. Next time, I won't have so much hubris when forging a head meant to fool biometric scans. Probably might spend more time doing it, perhaps don't need to rush to prove my brilliance.

Anyways, Aiden Cooper. Not a hard target to get for a seattle City councilman.