Reformation Hunt 17

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Reformation Hunt 17
Part of The Reformation
LocationAtlanta, CAS
Factions Involved
Mary Norris
Black Paladin


Riot hunt's number 17 on The Bounty List, Mary Norris

The Search

  • Riot started by calling News Van Dan to get information on Mary, and her location. She learns Mary is working with the Atlantean Foundation.
  • Reaching out through her fixer Johns, Riot was put in touch with D'Auriel Peirson, to help get her where she needed to go.
  • As this is going on, Riot hires Juan Lopez to establish a fake identity and matrix presence for her to allow her to slip into their office to gain access to their computer systems as an intern.
  • Riot does 6 hours of work on an old school system before she "accidentally" opens the wrong file and takes a look at the flight schedule for Mary. With a ludicrously good Navigation roll, Riot is able to memorize the path and time. Her supervisor comes over to respond to an alert about a restricted file being opened, and Riot convinces them that she is just tired and hungry and clicked the wrong thing. She's sent on her lunch break.

The Kill

  • Riot stashes her gear in a hidden spot on the beach, and uses Shapechange on herself to get airborne as an Eagle. With a force 6 spirit using Movement on her, and 5 extra points into her Agility, Riot could move reasonably fast.
  • Eventually, the plane showed up, with Black Paladin in close pursuit. Riot attempted to shoot down both planes with a force 12 Lightning bolt, and while Mary's plane went down, the shielding on Black Paladin's plane took the attack and dissipated it.
  • Riot dove for the water as Mary ejected, and shapechanged into a shark as Hotaru concealed her. She started trying to bite Mary's head off, but Black Paladin submerged and began to assess the situation.
  • Black Paladin fired a torpedo, which Riot barely got away from. Since a single torpedo would instantly kill her, she waited for the next one to fire and put up an Ice Wall around the ship, causing the torpedo to explode right on top of Black Paladin. A single point of damage got through, and before Riot could cast Ice Spear to crack the cockpit, Black Paladin pulled back.
  • Riot returned to her gear, put the head in a medical transport box, and began the trip back to Seattle.


  • Along the way, Riot had to con a border checkpoint guard who was able to scan human tissue in the live organ transport container and wanted to see the paperwork. Riot went full Karen on them, chewing them out about delays, the rich guy waiting for it, the limited timeframe before it is spoiled, how her ass would be nailed to the wall if it doesn't get there on time and that she demands his name and badge number as well as his supervisors name and badge number because she sure as hell isn't going to go down alone on this if they insist on holding her up. She was allowed through.
  • After making it back to Seattle, Riot took the ferry to the island, and was accosted by a shapechange mage, Toir, which is actually a Sperethiel name and the fact that it is "Riot" spelled backwards is pure coincidence shut up.
  • Riot and Toir fought on the boat for multiple combat rounds before Riot finally landed a solid hit and knocked Toir out. Riot left Toir with a change of clothes, and a card for Jacqueline Metcalfe, who can help train her, as well as some words of respect and admiration. It was a good fight.
  • After turning in the head and collecting the bounty, Riot returned via the ferry and woke Toir up, passing along some of the same sentiments in the note.


  • 32,000¥
  • 2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)