Reformation Hunt 11 15

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Reformation Hunt 11 15
Part of The Reformation
LocationNear Seattle
Factions Involved
"Dandy" Dale Hardin
Brett Pace
Kirk Hurley
Useless Goons


Dandy and Riot hunts numbers 11 and 15 on The Bounty List, Kirk Hurley and Brett Pace

The Search

  • Riot calls up News Van Dan for some info on these unity guys, and Dan wants some of the information on the Shadow Haven host on these bounties in exchange. Riot refuses, but instead offers information she personally comes across regarding the bounties as well as a cash payout.
  • After getting a suspected location- an island in the Sound -Riot and Dandy set out on Dandy's boat.

The Kill

  • Dandy's boat as well as the team is covered by a force 6 concealment that damn near knocked out Riot at the start of the run.
  • The pair made it to the island, snd started to work their way inland. Riot's assensing eventually picked up the lack of forest up ahead, which was unusual because it looked normal. It would turn out to be a trid projection to hide the camp.
  • The pair snuck into the camp, and Riot sensed some unusual oddities in the aura of the targets. Dandy overheard some talk linking them to Abigail Parker, who had performed some experiments on them, and overheard that in the event of an attack the pair was to run to the bunker. Dandy also realized that all their biggest and most intimidating looking guns were fake. Their entire setup was intended to scare and intimidate away potential bounty hunters.
  • Riot and Dandy started looking for the bunker, and found it in one of the buildings by triggering the secret bookshelf. As the pair worked out a plan of action, they are inadvertently assisted by the Useless Goons, one of whom crit-glitched their freefall test and accidentally took their camping backpack instead of a parachute. He ended up opening his backpack, his gear including his machete flew out, and then he tried to wirelessly activate his parachute not yet realizing what is going on, causing it to deploy on the plane and get caught on something with the chute hanging out the back. The Dwarf hit the ground and barely survived long enough for his own machete to land on him. The rest of the useless goons started shooting wildly into the group, which caused the targets and their bodyguard to immediately make for the bunker... where Riot and Dandy were waiting. Dandy spent enough time setting up a trip wire on the stairs to trip up all 3 of the people running down, and they were easy pickings for the team at that point. Taking the bodyguard's machete, Dandy removed the heads and the team started to leave.
  • As a parting gift, because she wasn't really a fan of these racist Unity bastards, Riot left behind a force 12 Napalm spell. Pretty much killing everyone left behind.


  • The heads were turned in and the bounty was claimed.
  • News Van Dan got a lot of information because wow, the team sure figured out a lot of what was going on this time around.


  • 64,000¥ divided between two runners (32,000¥ each)
  • 2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)