Reformation Hunt 6

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Reformation Hunt 6
Part of The Reformation
LocationTacoma, Seattle
Factions Involved


Riot and energizer go to locate Dominick Chambers, and ensure their protection.

The Search

Energizer does several matrix searches, and finds Dominick dropped off the grid about a week ago. More searching reveals that shortly before that, he drew a large amount of cash from his account before he vanished. Some digging and contact rolls later traced him to a gun shop in Redmond where he had bought a gun. A good word from Riot's fixer who somehow managed 11 hits on 22 dice got them an introduction and a good word with the seller, who explained what he sold to Dominick.

Riot summoned a spirit, and after having the spirit and Hotaru 蛍 both look at the a Pain Inducer, they began searching for the item in the direction he was believed to go. And they found him!

The Encounter

Riot insisted on a stealthy approach, worried they would be shot on sight. She cast improved invisibility on both herself and Energizer, and summoned a new spirit to cast concealment. Then neither member of the team actually noticed the FAB that had been put down on the ground that glowed wherever they walked because magic was present. We're smart.

Riot started trying to levitate the guns from Dominick, with the intent of disarming him before they reveal themselves and open dialog. She got the pain inducer away, but not his hunting rifle. Energizer got shot with it and Dominick demanded they drop the invisibility spells. energizer's spell was dropped, and the gun pointed at Riot next, Dominick revealed the FAB bacteria giving her away and an exasperated Riot dropped her invisibility as well.

Some discussion later, they convinced him that they were trying to protect him, rather than collect the bounty. The team explained what the bounty and the cult was about, and had their case for "not trying to kill him" helped by the fact that for all the spells Riot got off so far, none of them were actually directly harmful. The team explained how they found Dominick, and offered to take him in secret to Solace, where he could be protected behind wards. Riot cast improved invisibility on Dominick, and the team started out.

Along the way, the team was kinda sorta attacked by a bunch of useless goons in a bright pink car that didn't do anything at all because Energizer bricked their car in one dataspike and made them all crash and probably die horrible screaming painful deaths.


  • Dominick is hidden within Solace.


  • 15 karma
  • 2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)