Reformation Hunt 16 19

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Reformation Hunt 16 19
Part of The Reformation
LocationPullayup, Seattle
Factions Involved
Eve Fletcher
Raul Chang
Mysterious Bounty Hunters


After Kani made a post on the chatroom, her fellow vampires Rose and Leviathan teamed up with her to collect bounty #16 on The Bounty List, Eve Fletcher.

The Search

To begin with, the runners hired Dr-Boo to matrix investigate their target, and he was able to inform them that Eve Fletcher was the former HTR head of Seattle under Lone Star, but was now nationally active throughout North America. For this information, the hunters paid him 200 nuyen each.

Fortunately for the investigatively-challenged trio, Leviathan's contact Ziz was able to put them in contact with Al Green, who agreed to direct them to Eve in exchange for information regarding the list's sponsor. Eve, they informed the hunters, was on her way with other HTR to investigate a triad-related disturbance in somewhere in Puyallup, somehow to do with the activities of Lucky and MK.

Kani, after eliminating assaulting Ares' tower as a possibility, contacted the other runners over ShadowHaven, using Lucky's trid footage of the hunt to find the site the HTR would be searching for. Riding into the barrens on Kani's Thundercloud Morgan, picking up a wolf along the way, the hunters noticed more of the strange logo that Lucky and MK encountered, leaving the general direction of the incident. Using these as a general guide, the hunters arrived at the site just a bit before an Ares Dragon carrying their target arrived. Notably, Kani's common sense informed her that given the presence of a Triad Red Pole on the List, it was likely that Eve's HTR unit would encounter Raul Chang, bounty #19, so the runners chose to tail Eve's Citymaster rather than attack her at the site of the incident.

The Kill

Successfully evading notice, the runners pursued the Citymaster until, unexpectedly, an entire truck of Octagon Triad goons rammed the Citymaster from the side, totaling the truck and flipping the APC. The runners, taking this opportunity to begin their attack, quickly dismounted their Morgan about thirty meters away and set themselves up as shots began to fly.

As the HTR unit began to put the hurt on the obviously drug-addled Octagons, Kani's Barret Anti-Material Rifle and Rose's arrows put the hurt on the brawling enemies. Leviathan, slowly approaching the wreck, fired his Uzi into the fray. Rose quickly noticed a fleeing figure (Raul trying to make his escape from HTR), and one of Kani's depleted uranium rounds quickly put a stop to that. Fletcher quickly tore her way out of the flipped Citymaster, and hurled a disc of armor metal at Leviathan. Even having been evaded, the disc nearly struck Kani. Rose quickly killed the HTR team's mage with an explosive arrow, before the last Octagon standing set off both a gas grenade and a grenade containing smart corrosives. Their guns non-functional, the remaining HTR members attempted unsuccessfully to attack Leviathan with their knives.

As Rose fired an electrically-charged arrow at the target, Fletcher caught the arrow, but was still shocked by the arrow's static shaft. Momentarily disabled, she was unable to avoid a shot from the Barret, which proceeded to kill her effectively instantly.

Kani then frightened away the remaining HTR members, before administering Guts to her affected teammates.


Having acquired their targets' heads, the team continued on, stowing them away in the Morgan's smuggling compartment. In a lucky break, they evaded attention in slipping into Redmond, then reached the Tacoma ferry to Herron Island.

While in transit on the boat, Rose noticed auras under the water, and a grenade landed in the cabin. Kani, attempting to throw it back, was splattered with lubricant along with the heads, while Rose and Leviathan both rushed out of the room. Kani, thinking quickly, used her knife to pin the bag the heads were stored in to the floor. Rose noticed a troll hidden under an RPC blanket, and Kani quickly put a bullet in him. Leviathan, readying his Uzi back inside the room, shot down a drone he saw going for the heads, and a dwarf, hidden like the troll, was heard falling into the sounds.

At last arriving at the island, Kani represented the hunters in delivering the bounties, noticing strange gutters in the ceilings and slopes in the floors. Valois, having verified the heads as genuine, awarded the three the requisite payment of 64 thousand, and the hunters' job was done.


  • 64,000¥ divided between 3 runners (21,333¥ each)
  • 5 karma
  • 2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Weird new job I've got, Ziz. Seem to lots of us bloodsuckers around. Good thing this was right up my alley, chummer. Got some real killers on our hands. It's nice to see.