Reformation Hunt 2 9

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Reformation Hunt 2 9
Part of The Reformation
LocationRedmond, Seattle
Factions Involved
Lily King
Willian Toten
Crimson Crash
Knight Errant


Riot, Rapture, and Dr. Boo set their sights on taking out the KE captain: Lily ford. Research suggests that she is the commander of the Redmond Suppression squad. They also know Willian Toten: a member of the ancients is in the area. They plan to have some sort of violence escalate on Willian Toten be it HMG fire, or hiring a rival gang to hit the ancients, to lure out Lily Ford and get a two for one bounty on heads.

They escalate the problem and successfully do what they're after inciting a major gang war, and killing the team that would have tamped the violence down.

Bounty List

The Search

Dr. Boo researches Willian Toten, and finds his stated address. He also finds out that Willian Toten has been beaten up by the Ancients before for not turning patients away, even if they're from rival gangs. He picks up his team members and takes them to the abandoned house of Willian Toten. They break into his house, disabling his alarm system and search his house to find his personal computer. The computer has an Email on it from the Ancients, telling them he's needed at an impromptu hospital the Ancients have set up to deal with a spreading Epidemic. They find signs that Willian Toten has packed enough clothes to be away from home for a couple weeks.

The team Hacks into an ancient Motorcycle and steal some ancient Armor jackets. Rapture is spotted stealing an amror jacket, but succesfully gets away from the Ancients before they can properly react.

With Riot and Rapture Riding on the Motorcycle dressed as Ancinets, they roll up to a gang called, "the Crimson Crash". Riot has some past grievances with the gang, so she suggests the target with glee. When they arrive, Riot impales a tough looking Oni with a powerful ice Spear. The team sprays the Crimson Crash with a hail of gunfire, taunting the Trog Gang, and make their getaway, as six dozen gangers file into vehicles and give chase.

The team takes potshots at the Vehicle behind them during the vehicle chase, and cause severe damage to a couple Crimson Crash Vehicles, enraging the gang further. Finally they lead the Crimson Crash into the Ancients Hospital and bail off of the motorcycle, turning invisible.

The Kill

In the ensuing chaos, as the two gangs begin to fight, Rapture beheads the target: Willian Toten, and they make their way to Dr. Boo's emergency Vehicle. The Conflict Escalates, and Dr. Boo calls Knight Errant, pretending to be a concerned Citizen, reporting the Major crime. Eventually Three Ares City masters show up to the battlefield and being hosing down the fighting gangers with water-cannons.

Riot overcasts a napalm bomb, through open gunports, inside two of the Citymasters and completely incinerates the insides. The Napalm completely destroys the electronic signatures of the Citymasters.

Lily King, confused as to why here two subordinate vehicles have stopped responding, steps out of her vehicle to investigate what has happened.

Dr. Boo Drives his van at her, allowing Rapture to behead the Knight Errant captain. The team drives off toward Heron Island, successfully carrying two bountied heads.


They park along the Pudget sound, and ferry themselves with a single person Aircraft across, to the Heron Island Airfield. Riot Assesnnses the place and finds there are Dark clouds in the astral that are not present in the physcial. Dr. Boo smells the stones and can tell they are made of Synth-stone.

The Meet Valois in a Garage full of expensive cars, and he takes them inside the castle, where they are led underground, into a fortification built of real brick. There are gutters along the side, indicating the fortification is a mage cage.

They turn in the bounties to Valois and receive payment.


  • 64,000¥ divided between 3 runners (21,333¥ each)
  • 1 karma
  • 2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Dr. Boo

Smooth plan, with some smooth operators. Riot is a truly terrifying mage. She was willing to overcast her spells just to achieve her goals. Chilling to think about, would not want to end up on her bad side. Anywho the lesson to be learned is, don't treat gangers for free. They are terrifying ingrates, with no sense of moral justice. Uhh also, don't install gun ports on your tightly armored van. I'm terrified of opening my window now just in case some "riot-lite" decides to napalm through it these days.