Reformation Hunt 10

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Reformation Hunt 10
Part of The Reformation
LocationPullayup, Seattle
Factions Involved
Cyber Knight
Useless Goons
Casualties and losses
Hawk, Elanor Hopkins


Cyber Knight waylays a bounty hunter, claiming the head of number 10 on The Bounty List, Elanor Hopkins.

The Search

Cyber Knight got a tip from one his fixers Alexey Dorosov about a shadowrunner being detained by the KE border patrol at Puyallup for carrying a severed head in a box. Cyber Knight knowing this is a bounty hunter quickly made his way to the detention center to see the whole place go up in an explosion with an oni riding a motorcycle coming at his direction with a box attached to his motorcycle. CK intercepted the oni with a clash of sword from speeding bikes. The oni was carrying a heavily modified Red samurai sword which CK assumed to be a kill trophy. After CK introduced himself and his intentions to take the head, the oni introduced himself as Hawk.

The Kill

CK and Hawk were honor bound to fight till the bitter end for the prize of the bounty head. Hawk was primarily an archer which gave CK the advantage to close in with melee combat. During their battle they heard a scream "TROOOOOG!" as they saw a cyclops charging at them with a ripped off lamp post which he proceeded to throw at CK as an improvised spear. Not satisfied with the result he took out a rocket and yeeted said rocket at the dueling duo like a football. CK managed to evade the blast but Hawk got the full brunt of the blow. Angered, Hawk shot a napalm arrow at Trog. Taking advantage of the scenario CK closed in towards Trog and delivered a mighty blow which despite not killing him, hurt him enough to scare him away. As trog ran away yeeting random things behind him. CK and Hawk engaged in a brief bow & arrow battle, which wasn't going anywhere. Tired CK charged into Hawk with an explosive clash...literally explosive as he invoked the Hammehead technique of suicide bombing with a grenade in melee range, soaking the damage.

Eventually in desperation Hawk attacked CK with the blades of his bow which ended up being his undoing, getting riposted by a crippling blow followed by another finishing blow to kill him off. Hawk had a pain editor and wasn't gonna retreat. CK had no choice but to kill. CK then took the box and left the scene as he saw another bounty hunter in a black jet approach the scene.


CK identified the head to be of retired UCAS army captain, Ele anor Hopkins. CK was taken to the island by the boatman/island owner. During the boat ride a single rotodrone attempted to steal the head from CK but he shot the drone down before its nefarious plans were ever close to being fruitful. Valois confirmed the head to be that of Elanor and the bounty was paid. During this time CK mapped out a decent chunk of the castle area from the garage to Valois office using his radar sensors. CK was happy he did not have to kill an innocent to get the bounty and in a sense Elanor was avenged with Hawk's death.


  • 32,000¥
  • 2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Cyber Knight: Well that was easier than I thought. Here I was hoping to fight that Red Sam but who knew just robbing the person who made a kill and taking the head from them would lead to a lot less hassle. Didn't have to find the target, didn't have to deal with any security or bodyguards, just some hunters. The Oni hunter, Hawk. He possessed the distinctive sword of a Red samurai, but he was an ork, no way he was an ex-red sam. The only conclusions I have is that he either found it (unlikely since Red Sams always reclaim the gear of their fallen) or killed a Red Sam and took the sword as a trophy. If Hawk was good enough to best a red sam in battle and I bested him. I guess that makes me a better warrior than a Red Sam. I should use this as promotion material for attracting new students to my school.