Reformation Hunt 13

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Reformation Hunt 13
Part of The Reformation
LocationTacoma, Seattle
Factions Involved
Luka Nagasa
Mysterious Mercenary Group


Dragon and ZeroZero hunt number 13 on The Bounty List, Luka Nagasa

The Search

ZZ's matrix research turned up a number of locations that Nagasa frequented, including what was supposedly his home. The home address was assigned to an empty lot and the other addresses seemed to be infrequent and related to individual jobs being run for the Yakuza. The pair chose to investigate what seemed to be the most recent job venue and found an unmarked warehouse filled with wooden crates and 4 men guarding it while sporting Japanese matrix names and a Japanese deck. While surveilling the area, apparently someone caught on to ZZ's pink delivery truck broadcasting a radio signal and discussed something containing the words "pink," idiot," and "Nagasa," before deciding that the next logical step would be to shoot the van with a rocket launcher. Dragon reacted by sniping the man before he could get the shot off and the pair went in for the kill.

The Kill

Dragon laid an explosive trap on the door and shot through the wall, alerting the men to his presence. The 4 guards then streamed to the backdoor and attempted to open it, triggering the explosive trap and knocking one of the men out with a reinforced plasteel door. As his comrades rushed out to shoot at Dragon, due to ZZ's hacking of the safe targeting systems, the Yakuza found their guns strangely inoperable and were subsequently shot to death in a short firefight. At a cursory glance, it was revealed that the unconscious man resting under the door was none other than Luka Nagasa. His head was then separated from his body via monofilament chainsaw and placed in a pelican case for safekeeping. Seeing the decker's hardware, Dragon attempted to steal it shortly before realizing that it had an explosives module and throwing as far as he could as it detonated. The body, Nagasa's commlink, and the other Yakuza commlinks were taken for further study.


The two then made their way down to the nearby docks where they met the ferryman and got on his boat. Midway through the journey, the pair noticed 4 jet skis, deployed in a formation approaching the back of the boat, and began shooting at them. All 4 jet skis were bricked by liberal application of APDS, but the pilot of the last jet ski managed to climb onto the boat via grappling hook where he was then shot. Investigation of the body turned up no identifying marks or symbols. The pair then met with Valois on the island, where the head was turned in and the bounty given.

Dragon then met with his fixer, as well as the other Haven runners, to distribute any relevant intel and research materials.


  • 32,000¥ divided between two runners (16,000¥ each)
  • 2 karma
  • 2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Dragon- Mission parameters complete. Target terminated. Yaks didn't even know what hit 'em and believe me, I'm always happy to stick it to 'em.