Reformation Hunt 5

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Reformation Hunt 5
Part of The Reformation
LocationTokyo, Japan
Factions Involved
Abagail Parker
The Arcaneum


Usagi and Tanuki go to rescue number 5 on The Bounty List, Abagail Parker

The Search

Tanuki did the initial legwork of locating Dr. Parker, who was situated in a Renraku research facility outside Tokyo. Transit required Tanuki to negotiate with ex-Firewatch members who owed him a favor for turning over a stealth-capable jet to them. In exchange a rocket-assist fast transit craft was supplied.

The plan was that Tanuki would pose as a bounty hunter arriving at the facility to turn in Usagi for the bounty on the Hare's head. From there the plan was to contact Parker and see if she was amenable to discussing the conspiracy involving this crazy series of bounties.

Transit to Japan was accomplished with no incident.

The Kill

On arrival, the bluff seemed to work, and Usagi and Tanuki were granted entry to the facility. However on discussion with the Head of Security and Dr. Parker, it was clear the ruse had not actually succeeded, and they were curious what was going on. Tanuki got their curiosity further engaged by discussing the Orichalcum plot and the conspiracy, at which point alarms began going off en-masse.

A group of 20 mercenaries, well armed and aggressive, attacked the Renraku facility. With some quick negotiation, in which Usagi managed to impress Dr. Parker with his willingness to protect Renraku employees if possible from a group of unprincipled mercenaries, a plan was hatched.

The group would exfiltrate Dr. Parker and any security and staff they could get with them, to a VTOL controlled by Tanuki. Cooperating with the Security personnel was vital, as the facility had a No-Fall protocol, meaning it would self-destruct if all security persons were eliminated, or if it seemed the facility itself was fully compromised. The exfiltration took the form of a running gunfight to the rooftop, at which point Usagi had to engage two heavily armed trolls almost solo, as the few remaining security couldn't be allowed to die lest the No-Fall protocol engaged, and Tanuki was primarily busy hotsimming the VTOL.

Ultimately the plan worked, and the Dr. Provided the runners a small payout, plus information regarding the Orichalcum matters.


  • 8,000¥
  • 7 karma
  • 2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

This was a clusterfuck almost from the word go, just because we ran it so seat of our pants. But we got out alive, and even saved a few employees who were going to get killed. Thirty, I think? A good day in the end. ~Usagi