Reformation Hunt 12

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Reformation Hunt 12
Part of The Reformation
LocationWuxing City #4
Factions Involved
Cyber Knight
Kai Jackson
Black Paladin
Casualties and losses
Wuxing Leaky boi


Cyber Knight and Dr. Boo go on a mission to save Kai Jackson, enlisting the help of the octogon triads.

The Search

Cyber Knight makes contact with the octogon triads in exchange for passage to and from china. The Triads want a mole dealt with, in exchange for their help. The two fly to Shanxi, and begin making their way to Wuxing city #4.

Dr. Boo contacts Kai Jackson through his p2.1 and posts a bit of paydata on the NU to convince Kai, that he and Cyber Knight are there to help. He also includes the date "2032" and a way to contact him back.

Shortly after, he receives an inquisitive call from Kai, wondering how Dr. Boo knew to include 2032 with his message, trying to find out what Dr. Boo knew about that year. Dr. Boo admits it was a stab in the dark, but Kai should meet him and Cyber Knight to discuss how best to secure him.

They meet up with Kai Jackson in a wuxing office, and Kai tells them about the ritual, and that he failed to stop the ritual in 2032. He is nihilistic about being able to stop the ritual, but he is immensely proud of his security. The shadowrunners can think of no more of a secure location than heavily guarded by Wuxing HTR forces under a mountain, and agree to leave him there under heavy guard.

The Kill

Cyberknight reaches out through the shadowcommunity to find the locations of bounty hunters asking questions about Kai Jackson in China. He then contacts his friend Black Paladin and asks him to bomb the locations of the other bountyhunters. Black Paladin agrees to 10,000 nuyen as an acceptable payday for bombing five different locations and abandoning the hunt for Kai Jackson, provided Dr. Boo releases Aiden Cooper to be free to go about his business.

Conflicted, Dr. Boo agrees to let Aiden cooper out from (his trunk) wherever he has the city councilman stashed. Black Paladin then proceeds to do the job and sends video proof of the other bounty hunters dying in explosions.


They are discussing their kills with Kai Jackson when the elevator dings and TROG! comes rushing out, throwing a sharpened lampshade at Kai Jackson. After Dr. Boo fails to shoot it out of the air, Cyber Knight stands in front to let the lampshade impale his armor TROG! flees and is heavily damaged by cyber knight and Dr. boo on his way out, kept afloat only by his pain editors, as he flees.

The two shadowrunners then track down the Wuxing Employee who has been giving out triad information, and Dr. Boo shoots the guy in his living quarters. The two return to Seattle.


8000¥ Cyber Knight: 3 karma and common sense

Dr. Boo: 2 karma and sharpshooter

+2 rep with Octagon Triad 2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Cyber Knight: I posted "Oh boy, here I go killing again" and the whole ic-chatroom collectively lost their minds, thinking I was gonna go kill this dude because I'm on team-cultist. Hahaha! Only thing that was more satisfying was hiring Black Paladin to rain down hellfire on an entire merc battalion planning to hit the bounty in their own houses. They absolutely did not see that coming. Hahaha! I must say fragging Trog caught me off guard like that. But in the end he too ran away like a little bitch. Shame we had to trade in two other lives for the life of Kai Jackson, but oh well, mission accomplished.

  Dr. Boo: Not sure what this ritual thing is still. Kai didn't seem that bothered by it, and he would have the most expertise with it. I tried to light Trog on fire, but I may need to come up with a more efficient anti-cybertroll solution. Letting him escape upsets me deeply. And the whole deal with Aiden Cooper is going to be nervewracking. I have to keep Aiden Cooper alive but I also have to release him in three days. Luckily I agreed only to release him then, and nothing more.