Research and Destroy

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Research and Destroy
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven UCAS Backed Corp
Sexy Bonsai
Casualties and losses
They got beat up really hard Everybody


UCAS Military Intelligence hired outside assets to attack a UCAS backed research project and remove all trace of it's existence, and eliminate the researcher.


The Meet

The meet took place in a military office with a UCAS representative in a suit and tie, who explained the mission. Simply put, the job was to destroy all the files related to the research and eliminate the scientist responsible. The team was able to get the home address of their target, and a vague area of where the lab could be.

The Plan

The team planned to track down the lab by following the target, Dr. Bester.

The Run

The team started with some general legwork, getting as much information on their target as they could and narrowing down the area the Lab could be in. After deciding to travel to Dr. Besters home and stake out/follow his car to work, Sexy Bonsai attempted to hack the research files accessible on the matrix. It didnt end well, and the team did some quick first aid before following the doctor. After following the target to a normal looking office building, the team poured liquid explosive in his gas tank and then gained access through the roof. Hacking the elevator and travelling down to the basement level, they cracked open a door and climbed further down by ladder. At the bottom, 3 goons were waiting for the team. The wizard went down first, and an intense firefight ensued that ended as a narrow victory for the runners against the two gunners.


Research destroyed, target eliminated along with most of the parking garage he was in.


Rewards for 'Research and Destroy':
30k Nuyen (15 RVP)
5 Karma (5 RVP)


IG discount for Bannerette

Optional, replacing run rewards:
Mundane Ascension for Sexy Bonsai (5 RVP)
Replace Corp SIN with Wanted for Longshot (15 RVP)
Brilliant Heuristics for Sexy Bonsai (5 RVP)
Will to Live 1-3 for Bannerette (3-9 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Wew! That was a close one, that sniper guy nearly got me. I've got to set up an autoinjector with numb in case that happens again, honestly. In any case, I always enjoy working for the UCAS (even if it is UCAS vs. UCAS). Maybe if I knock out a few more of these missions, I'll be able to get my reinstatement.


I'll do just about anything to get Mitsuhama off my back, including wetwork for UCAS totally-not-a-colonel-in-civies Johnsons. We barely survived ( Thanks for the timely first aid, Sexy Bonsai!! ) and I'm no longer on the records for MCT. Too bad the UCAS's work isn't as clean as they claim. Word on the street is that MCT is still looking for me..
Ah well, win a few, lose a few..
Sign me up for another win next week!

Sexy Bonsai

Seems everyone decided to take a nap at some point on this run, nearly fried my brand new deck which would've sucked but naturally I managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat with an absolute clutch maneuever and hard carry the team to a successful job completion.