Robbed from the Crypt

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Robbed from the Crypt
LocationSeattle, Snohomish
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Ace Powers
Night Light Society
Triple Trouble
Vampire Hunting Cowboys
Fire Spirit
Casualties and losses
None Dead cowboys and a captured mage
This was an initiation run for TT


Bannerette and Paladin served as Triple Trouble's "entourage" to go rescue her kidnapped co-star in order to make Triple more famous and save Ace Powers Premiere


Vivienne Alen made a mistake when openly admitting to Ace that she is a Vampire durring the casting. One of the crew members cought wind of it and ratted her out to the Nightlight Society. She was captured not long after, right out of her home.

The Meet

The runners rushed to a theatre to meet up with ace powers and triple trouble. Dressed up somewhat nicely, they had a quick chat for the information they needed to find the missing actress, Vivienne. From the theatre, they headed straight to her house.

The Plan

The plan was simple, find the missing actress and rescue her. The rest would work itself out.

The Run

Vivienne's home seemed untouched from the front, however after investigating the neighbors and the inside of the house it was found that members of the Night Light Society had broken in through the back door to kidnap her while she was asleep in her coffin. Though they seemed to be professionals based on the available surveillance footage, they were tracked down through some social engineering on the part of Triple Trouble. After getting a general location, the 'Entourage' went there and found a compound. The infiltrated it through the roof, made their way into the basement, and found Vivienne and 2 others trapped. They destroyed the mana barrier holding them, and eventually took down the Night Light Society soldiers on the premises, subduing the mage last.


The team enjoyed a movie premiere as Triple Trouble's "Entourage" and got paid, and Ace's movie premiere was saved.


Rewards for Robbed from the Crypt: 14k Nuyen (7 RVP) 7 karma 2 CDP

Optional: Ace Powers (C6/L2) - 7 RVP TT: can upgrade Aces L to 5 and IG discount

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


This job was pretty cool! We fought some cowboys, I met a movie star, and my armor actually stopped all the bullets this time!! I even got to watch a movie in a box seat at the end, though I think it would have been a better film if it were set in the middle ages. I should have gotten an autograph, my LARP friends probably wont believe I met a local star without any proof! Plus TT made me look really nice, shame it didnt last. In any case, I wonder if there will be a sequel...