Route 66 part 4: Convoy

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Route 66 part 4: Convoy
Part of Like_mad_max_but_more_guns
GMDoc McGuffins
LocationGeorgia, CAS
Factions Involved
Pitty 'Grease Lightning' McShane
Techno-Rigger team
Units involved
2 Technomancers 4 Goons


In which the team is employed to steal a truck from a faraway ranch by Pappy pitty, to further his goal of participating and winning the race


The Meet

The team was called up by their respective fixers and met at pitty's place, where they got the rundown. Pitty need them to steal a Semi from two states away, and to do so he is putting a basic helicopter at their disposition. he offers the team to modify the heli according to their needs, so that they have all the chances to themselves.

The Plan

The helicopter was modified and ready to go, notable mods were the assault cannon aurora mounted from her own car and the luxury level amenities that made the trip very pleasant. the team also used burner sins to get past the borders, which worked marvelously well.

The Run

When approaching the site Sp4rks noticed a number of icons, including 3 hidden ones. one quickly has gone dark, and the two others were supposed to be technos/sprites given their lack of program arrays. He spotted the place where the semi was stored, a warehouse, and ensured it was ready to go, but during this time he was spotted by the technos who raised the alarm.

A chameleon coated truck approached the helicopter, and Canter spotted it quickly. at it's helm was a techno-rigger that quickly got disabled, while the rest of the team stopped the van by shooting at it. A guy tried getting out and running away using skimmers, but Babylon used the influence spell to make him sit on his ass and wait.

The team ended up taking the semi quite easily and they later learnt that the techno-rigger died of it's wounds due to biofeedback.

Sp4rks, Nogi and 00 decided to go back in the truck, while Canter and Bab's decided to use the heli. during the night they had to touchdown as a storm got them badly, but they did not have more trouble



25k Nuyen or 50k in vehicle/drone parts that are aspected toward pitty

1 Crate of Peaches

3 Karma Pappy Pitty 5/2 Contact Or +1 Loyalty

1 Rep Gearshifts

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Didn't have much to say aside that someone on the team wanted to fight the army on two counties, you know something that would get us killed,i would sooner let them get their own death wish. For the rest of the job and having to get some fake papers so we could cross without a problem on a helicopter, still working on learning how to fly. next came with dealing with someone and shocked to see someone leap in front of a car and get run over haha...and then a nice drive back in a semi-truck with a trucker hat. why now *Fox grinning Icon*


A free trip to the CAS in exchange for stealing some truck for a strange old man with vile coffee ? Sure, why not, who am I to say no to such a thing? I was worried about my PO finding out about the trip, but that helicopter was *fast* and we made it there and back within a few days, so I didn't run into any problems. The job itself was straightforward enough, just take the thing from people who didn't want to give it up - we had the advantage of surprise, and the rest just fell into place. Even got a crate of peaches out of it.


“Right, a nice, simple job. Old guy named Pappy Pitty hires us to steal a semi for an underground race. Something nice and simple, no bugs, no toxic shamans, no real moral quandaries. Only snag is that the semi is in Georgia, but good ol’ Pitty has a heli we can use to get there. While he’s giving us the details, he offers some coffee. Being a bit tired and not thinking about it, I decide to have a cup. It was not coffee. It was a biological sludge more fit as a weapon then a stim. After that close call, we load up, and have a fairly smooth flight to Georgia. Get there and we’re beaten to the punch by the others that were after the semi. They uh, don’t last all that long. Take the semi, ride it back with Sp4rks and Nogi, come up with a few song ideas, get paid. Something nice and simple. Even got some peaches too. End Recording.”


It's not often that I've had to fly a helicopter. I really need to get better at driving non-groundcraft. I got to use my Assault Cannon again, though it wasn't as effective as I would have hoped. The peach moonshine at the end was pretty great though.