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LocationDowntown, Seattle
Result Marcus Bison got a cache of 8 years of memes starting with the earliest recorded memes which is a vast improvement over the majority of the memes he had received up until then which were DickButts.
Factions Involved
Marcus Bison
NeoNet, MCT, JaMarcus Brown
Commanders and leaders
Marcus Bison JaMarcus Brown
Casualties and losses
None None
MCT owns the Meme Museum above the Neonet Black Site until further notice


Marcus Bison has been working on his research on Memes of the 21st century before the first Matrix Crash. He had been getting his memes from NeoNet from a Downtown Museum, but recently as NeoNet has been doing less and less well. They have been looking to sell off nonessential assets such as the museum and they have stopped giving Marcus his memes. The transfer is in 5 days and is uncertain if the buyer will continue to provide him with memes.


The Runners get a call from their fixers about an inexperienced Johnson looking for matrix help. The Runners meet at a Horizon subsidiary university campus on the open quad and are brought back to the office of Marcus Bison who pulls out an Area Jammer 4 and White Noise Generator 4 which he thinks is good enough to make the meet safe. Captain Freefall pulls out paper and pencil and starts taking notes. Bison starts pleading to the Runners to save the memes and to steal them from a museum in Downtown owned by NeoNet that is about to be sold off. He offered them 10k nuyen but the Runners easily pressured him into offering more money as well as offering it upfront o 13k nuyen. He was excited that they would do this for him and quickly ushered them out.


The Runners quickly got to gathering information. Blackspider went to the museum site to scope the security. There were only a few memes on display and a number of cameras, but the scanner technology was trivial for the Runners to bypass. She found a staircase going down where Marcus had told them had the archives of the memes. While she is doing this, Ronin is doing searches on the Matrix about the site, finding that the buyer is going to be MCT and that the planned buyout date is for 5 days like Marcus told them. Captain Freefall picked up radio signals with his drone from deep underground below the site. Y3 looked into the architecture of the building to try and find what could be down there. When she first found the layout, it was a long elevator that went down to nothing, but upon a deeper matrix search, found a NeoNet blacksite with three servers. Y3 with the assistance of the other runners ran on the museum host to change the schedule to plan their visit. When she opened the files to edit them, she forgot to check for data bombs and ate one in the face, alerting the IC to start searching for her. She remained hidden, but had to move quickly to edit in the visit of Spider and Ronin. She dove back in a second time to connect it to the two Burner SINs they purchased. Spider and Ronin then prepped their MCT corp disguises. Y3 was eyes in the sky, Ronin was the muscles guard, Captain Freefall prepped to drop in should things go south.

The day of the meet and they arrive at the ticket office where an awkward teen is bullied by Spider into calling his boss to let them into the underground facility. JaMarcus Brown arrives 30 minutes later, not too pleased to have MCT snooping around his blacksite that they had already been over was not any of their business. Y3 quickly hacks into his schedule to update it with the meeting and while he is suspicious, he brings them downnstairs to get them out of his hair. The Runners are greeting by dropping out of matrix range by two guards in FBA at the elevator door and they are shown around to inspect the architecture. While Brown leads them down, one of the guards goes up to make a call about the inspection. Y3 manages to hack his commlink on the fly and intercept the call in order to stop any suspicion from rising, keeping the guard in an operator loop. Slowly losing his patience, the Runners insist to be let inside the Museum Archives and they start downloading as much of the data as they can. Brown is sick of them, yells at them to leave and the Runners exit with eight years worth of pre-Crash 1 memes.


MCT and NeoNet are confused why a group of runners broke into a NeoNet Blacksite to steal memes but shrug it off because runners and no harm no foul. JaMarcus wants to break the runners necks but the SINs were burners and the faces disguises. He is unhappy. Marcus Bison is excited to have more data and more memes to play around with as the museum was holding out on him, giving him almost exclusively dickbutts in order to work with for his research. His research now can have some actual exploration into the 21st century culture, but through the lens of a piling of flaming garbage that is meme culture.


13000 Nuyen and 8 Karma

Player Characters




"I've been asked to do weird things before. But nothing quite as weird as stealing... Memes from a god damm Blacksite, we should have gotten more money purely on the aspect that it was so weird but let me start from the begning. Me and 3 others, Ronin, Y3 and some minotaur. Think his name was freefall but i didnt really put any effort into remembering who he was"

"Ronin was a Ork, seemed to be muscle but he had some definite brains to him aswell. But between him and an actual sam, i'd take the sam anyday of the week. Y3 was a human, was stuck to a wheel chair sad enough. But damm if she could do her job, both me and Ronin owe her for keeping a tight watch on whatever happend up stairs... And freefall was a minotaur.. Cant remember anything else about him"

"The meet was.. "Standard" we talked, discussed the price. You know, normal things and then we left. I dont think many of us actually understood the ramifications of what he was asking us to do but we just went along with it. Kinda like not hearing the "memes" part and just knowing he needed something extraced which would make it less.. weird"

"I'm going to skip over the boring stuff. Aka the "Research" part. Me and Ronin were disguised and masqueraded as MCT people comming to make a inspection. I lied my way in and all the way to the archives where our target was, we pissed off one of the managers of the place but i didnt really care about him, thou i did like seeing him squirm like a worm"

"It took us about 3-5 minutes overall and we got out with 8 entire years of m-.. "extraction material" and a pissed off manager. Then we all just walked out of there and delivered the matieral to the J. Got our pay, and after that i went to the daze afterwards. I needed to drown this memory"