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LocationOpen waters
Factions Involved
Black Rose

Evans Doyle
Rival Fisherman #1

Rival Fisherman #2

Rival Fisherman #3
Casualties and losses
None 3 Fishermen


The team with their spirit enhanced boat speeded to the wreck, killing the rival fishermen and towing the wreck.


The Meet

The team met with the Johnson in a little bar, after few handshakes, Johnson offered 4000 for going to the wreck and acquiring the maps,Shamrock convinced him to add 2000 more. 

The Run

There was a issue: Only Rose's Thundercloud Mustang was seaworthy and unfit to carry the whole team. Johnson offered his Ultramarine Kingfisher to drive them there. With the aid of Shamrock the speed increased by 5 times, with aid of Doyle rudder got ripped off mere 700 meters after starting, and with aid of Rose and her Mustang, she picked it up and slapped a shark in the nose with it. They jury-rigged it back together and continued to the wreck. Rose stealthily approached the wreck with her Mustang, sneaking up to the deck and breaking his neck, after that she went back picking up Dragon and Shamrock while Doyle stayed to pilot the Kingfisher. Inside there were two more fishers, oiling up the floor. First one slipped broke his neck and flew off into the water and second one got bullet in the brain. There were lot of maps and team decided instead of calling the Johnson they will just tow the damn thing, creating a rope bridge Doyle put pedal to the metal going 240 KM/H. All of the safety alarms triggered.

The Plan


Towing the wreck, the team might damaged the dock a bit in their entrance. They convinced that they did not in fact break the rudder and that Johnson should pay them 2000 more for bringing the whole ship.


+8000 Nuyen +9 Karma +2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Holy hell am I glad that I skipped lunch this time... We cranked up this poor Kingfisher and made it go 240 kmh. Anyhow the Johnson asked us to go to this wreck and take his maps that show the best fishing spots before someone else does. With our spirit addled vessel we set sail to it... mere 700 meters I accidentally ripped off the rudder but Rose got it back and wacked a shark. We got to the wreck, team went and cleared it while I stayed with the ship, we didn't want to bother with maps so we just dragged the whole boat with us. Shamrock managed to convince the Johnson that missing rudder wasn't our fault.


That was quite a ride, honestly felt like I was in a racecar, not a fishing trawler. Johnson wanted us to get his nav data back and Shamrock had the bright idea to speed us up using magic. Boy did we speed up. When we got there some looters had beat us to the shipwreck. Poor sods never stood a chance. After carefully examining the myriad maps and computers on the trawler, the team decided to just bring the entire thing back. Now mind you this was a ship with a sizeable hole in it. I'm surprised it didn't sink the moment we got it into open waters, even with the patchwork band-aids we put on there to keep it afloat. Johnson was surprised at the retrieval of the entire wreck, and the wave of water from us coming into the harbor so fast, and gave us a bonus. Mission complete.