Taking Out The Trash In San Fransisco

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Taking Out The Trash In San Fransisco
LocationSan Fransisco
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven General Saito's Loyalists
Six of Hearts
Konda Taji
Wakaki Kenji
4 Yakuza
Casualties and losses
4 Yakuza, Konda Taji and Wakaki Kenji captured


Phil Haskill hires some out-of-town runners to track down and bring in Konda Taji and Wakaki Kenji alive, before they get plastic surgery to appear as different people and escape the city.


Konda Taji and Wakaki Kenji served General Saito during his occupation of CalFree in the 2060s.

The Meet

Phil Haskill calls Six of Hearts directly after arranging for Bannerette to also be employed through her fixer Sunglasses. He offers them 26 thousand nuyen, including transporation to and from San Fransisco, to capture Konda Taji and Wakaki Kenji alive and bring them to a safehouse there so they can be tried for their war crimes. The runners agree.

The Transit

Phil Haskill arranged transport of the runners and their gear by Omar's Freight. After meeting with Omar, they get their stuff shipped to San Fransisco, South City. Once there, they're informed by another Omar that there's... been a 'delay' in the shipment of their gear, and that they could expedite the shipping... for a 'price'. The runners demand to talk to the manager. A third Omar (the manager) explains, in a windowed office meant to enforce people not threatening him, that they've been having a problem with The Halloweeners. Six of Hearts suggests turning to the Ancients, and Omar points out that they have almost no presence in San Fransisco. He asks the runners to take care of the job. That's when Six of Hearts and Bannerette decide that enough's enough and go full-Karen on Omar until he just relents and lets slip that he has their gear already smuggled to this location. The runners take their stuff and leave.

The Run

The runners pull their contacts and find out that there is a clinic in San Fransisco who is adept at helping people disappear, The Split Image, in Fremont. They also figure out that the Yakuza have a small safe house in Fremont where Kondo Taji and Wakaki Kenji are likely hiding, and decide to hit the place before they can change their appearances.

They roll up to the safehouse and the fighting begins. The team fights four Yakuza low-level members in addition to Kondo Taji (who is now going by Boston Love) and Wakaki Kenji (who is now going by Brodie Aguirre). They face off, and in the tense battle Six of Hearts and Bannerette manage to knock out Kondo Taji and Wakaki Kenji and capture them alive, after they dispatch the 4 other Yakuza who are trying to kill them.


Phil Haskill is pleased and brings the two loyalists to trial. The runners decide not to use Omar's Freight on the way back and instead call Bilge-Rat Jones for a ride back to Seattle.


  • 26k nuyen - 13 RVP
  • 6 karma - 6 RVP
  • 1 Street Cred - 1 RVP


Six of Hearts:

  • Strive For Perfection at chargen price (out of run karma first) - 12 RVP
  • 5x Ascension Rewards
  • Bilge-Rat Jones at Loyalty 3 - 5 RVP


  • Phil Haskill at Loyalty 3 for -10 RVP
  • Focused Concentration (1 or 2) at chargen price (out of run karma first) - 4 or 8 RVP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Six of Hearts

Fucking Omar... do not ever use his freight service. Nothing but a cheap scam. Otherwise, not bad for a run. Bannerette acted mostly professional... which is a blessing sometimes, especially with some of the runners on the Haven. In. Out. Done. Clean and controlled... hope those bastards get what they deserve.