Tall Tale Fable of Taco Temple Table

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Tall Tale Fable of Taco Temple Table
LocationVarious Areas, Seattle
Factions Involved
Taco Temple: Bellevue
Taco Temple: Redmond
Taco Temple: Tacoma
Casualties and losses
None. None.


(Thursday, June 29, 2081) Seattle, UCAS: While no official statement has been issued by Taco Temple or Aztechnology, word on the street is that someone has been hacking into Taco Temple hosts and stealing recipes from their secret menu. More information on this story as it develops.


A post appeared on the Shadowhaven BBS from persons unknown: "MY COLLECTION IS ALMOST DONE, I JUST NEED A FEW MORE SECRET MENU ITEM BEFORE I CAN FINALLY ASCEND AND RECEIVE THE GREAT GIFT". A matrix address was sent to the chosen few, for a matrix meet.

The Meet

The matrix address opened into a perfect recreation of a meatspace Taco Temple. A single man was in the restaurant, dressed in an overwhelming array of Taco Temple memorabilia. He appeared to be a Caucasian human male in his late 20s, and introduced himself as "Bosco". He encouraged the team to order what they liked from the menu before getting down to brass tacks.

Once the party was settled in and happily nibbling on their virtual victuals, Bosco laid out the run. He was a collector of sorts, and had amassed nearly the entire recipe collection of the Taco Temple secret menu. He had discovered the matrix locations of the final 5 or 6 recipes, spread over 3 hosts in 3 Seattle Taco Temple locations. He wanted the runners to break into those hosts and acquire those recipes. He would pay them generously for that data: 2,000 nuyen for each recipe.

Once the runners accepted, Bosco provided them with more details on each of the hosts. The first was the Tacoma Taco Temple, a normal host. The second was the Bellevue Taco Temple, a destination host. Finally, the Redmond Taco Temple. He did not have a matrix address for that one, merely a gps marker, and the vague sense that its host was offline.

The Run

The team decided to attack the hardest host first: Bellevue. It turned out to be a mega Temple, with multiple floors stacking one on top of the other. The place was crowded with personae, each with its own assistant IC. The runners managed to hack their way into the host without setting off any alarms, and found one of the recipes alongside a strange file made of random strings of numbers and letters. They disarmed the databomb on the file, but left the encryption to deal with later. They offloaded the files and preceded to the next location.

The runners decided to hit the Redmond location next. This was the offline location, so they hopped into Santesso's van and headed out to Redmond. The physical location was closed and in poor shape, and was seemingly now home to a group of go-gangers. The rain fell heavily as the team took on the gangers. Santesso began laying down stick'n'shock flechette suppressive fire, while his sniper drone began taking out targets as they became visible. The other runners worked in the matrix to take out automated turrets inside the place, dataspiking vehicles and cyberware to shut the gangers down, and generally just making the gangers unhappy to be there. Eventually, the remaining gangers fled, and the runners got in and retrieved the site's recipes.

Finally, the team attacked the Tacoma location. They made quick work of the host, retrieved the files, and prepared to return to the Johnson.


Bosco was very pleased. The runners had retrieved 7 files in total--6 recipes and one encrypted file. He paid them 14,000 nuyen each, and congratulated them on a job well done.


  • 14,000 Nuyen
  • 3 Karma
  • 2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (pAARs)


Okay, this guy is too obsessed with Taco Temple. His money spends, though. And I was able to eat the virtual version of their tacos without regretting it for 12-24 hours afterward. So, mostly pros. AND...I got to break out the snipe-bot. Life is sunny....