That Seems a Little KRIMinal, Wouldn't You Say?

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That Seems a Little KRIMinal, Wouldn't You Say?
LocationEverett, Seattle
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Saeder Krupp
Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy
Troll Adept
3 Guards
Casualties and losses
None All


A group of runners are hired by a KRIME subsidiary to hijack a shipment of arms from Saeder-Krupp, in retaliation for a previous instance of them being hijacked by their competition.


Having a previous shipment of goods hijacked by Saeder-Krupp, the local representatives of the KRIME corporation decide to pay back the big kid on the block by returning the insult. Placing their highly regarded and well appreciated representative Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy in charge, the KRIME rep arranges for a team of shadow runners to assist him in the heist.

The Meet

The crew receives a ping from their respective fixers, telling them of a meet at the local KRIME headquarters in downtown Seattle. Finding their way to the meet is easily resolved, as most have no issues to resolve before heading out. Skimmer however, inadvertently insults his boss, Saint Nick, who whacks him on the head to remind him that good little elves don't talk like that about all the nice children. Despite his lumps, Skimmer moves out to join the others in meeting their Johnson, who calmly shakes hands or even hugs the runners, clearly comfortable with personal space. The Johnson explains the job, giving details on the incoming convoy, but does not reveal enough details to really flesh out a plan for the crew. He does however let them know that the lead on this job will be none other than Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy, an ork of high repute within the KRIME organization. He also gives them a commlink code to contact Kenny when they are ready to proceed with the job.

The Plan

While Sp4rks searches the matrix for possible clues to the run, the rest of the crew get to know each other and share their strengths and weaknesses. Sp4rks finds the data he is looking for, but is nearly overwhelmed by the strong spider who is guarding the precious data. After completing his tasks and jacking out just shy of GOD's untimely interruption, the wily decker shares the data he obtained; 2 guard vehicles and one load vehicle, heavily guarded. Rougarou contacts an old friend, who for the low price of 500 nuyen advises him that there are two especially capable guards on the S-K team, and to be wary of them. Armed with this knowledge, and the best possible location to spring the trap, the team calls Kenny up and agrees to meet at the ambush site.

Kenny is happy to see the team, offering goody bags of drugs to everyone. He then attempts to outline a plan, but is quickly convinced by Entropy that he should simply rubber stamp whatever plan the team can come up with, and claim the accolades for the plan after the fact. Kenny happily agrees, while the team decides to have Entropy levitate the lead vehicle, while Skimmer and Brumudar take out the following vehicles with their assault rifles. SP4rks will cover the decking requirements, and Rougarou will kill any spirits that stick their head out of the Astral. Thus prepared, they wait to spring the ambush.

The Run

As if on cue, the convoy approaches. Entropy, Skimmer, and Brumudar take their shot, slowing or disabling their respective vehicles. Sp4rks manages to finish the vehicles off from the Matrix, bringing the convoy of trucks to a halt. The battle begins, with Sp4rks dueling the technospider and her sprite on the matrix, while Skimmer takes aim on the huge Troll Adept that steps out of the lead vehicle, wielding an enormous shotgun. Brumudar begins making short work of the guards, as Rougarou engages the manifested Air spirit. Entropy mostly engages himself, as his spells do far more damage to him than they do to the enemy. The matrix battle comes to an abrupt halt, as the techno steps out of the matrix and onto the meat to engage as a more than capable sniper. Meanwhile, Rougarou downs his spirit with some well placed sword strikes, as Skimmer dances nimbly out of the way of incoming bullets, dropping the Troll into unconsciousness. Sp4rks moves to protect Entropy while simultaneously taking a bead on the Techno turned sniper, Calling out for her surrender as the S-K team is clearly outmatched. The Techno agrees, ordering the remaining guards to drop their weapons. The runner team moves in, restraining their foes and administering first aid where necessary to prevent any casualties. It may have been a job, but not all jobs have to end in death.


Kenny calls in his truck, which the team quickly loads with the stolen merchandise. Thanking each in turn, Kenny forgets where the drop is supposed to take place, so they opt to just drive back to Krime HQ, while Skimmer and Brumudar scan and erase any tags on the gear. Happy with the outcome and prepared to pay handsomely the Johnson congratulates the team and offers to pay off in nuyen or gear, whichever they prefer.


  • -10 S-K rep
  • +2 KRIME rep
  • 32k worth of KRIME or S-K gear 18 availability or lower (rebranded as KRIME gear)
  • 7 Karma
  • 6 CDP applied to Flamesaw as a contact
  • No additional CDP rewards
  • For Skimmer: Savalette Guardian with 8 rounds of Ex-Ex

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


It was a quick and rather simple run, which was great. Some pretty standard stuff...stop a convoy incap the crew and take the inventory. Everything went off without a hitch and we got away scot clean!


"Just the type of run I appreciate, lots of shooting and not getting shot. Much fun was had by all. And we all got to go visit Santa afterwards, so excellent networking opportunities. Oh Happy day!"


While not being the most proud of my runs, we completed the mission assigned, and I gained a wonderful new toy for my to use with my psychokinesis. That said, I learned a valuable lesson this run, a leader delegates, and a leader understands when to listen. I think I'm ready now to execute my own orders. Let's be honest here, its hard as hell to try to juggle roles and positions, but now, I think I understand where mine is in open contact and in open combat, as well as inbetween.


So got to work for a ork...not really a fan of them after losing a friend to them , when i was younger and it's still a wound but it's healing over slowly. for the job it went smoothly but feel like pissing off S-K was not the smart idea but that's was part of the job after all.