The Butler's Burial

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The Butler's Burial
Status Threat Level: Milk Run
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Triad (sorta)
Wild Star


Doppelganger has disappeared, Murderbot, Uber and Wild Star go to investigate for Blume.


Blume called some friends over to her master's mansion because Doppelganger has disappeared, probably searching for master.

The Meet

No meet, just Uber and Murderbot in Uber's car meeting up with Wild Star near Doppel's last location.

The Plan

Not much of a plan either, just search the building.

The Run

Uber starts by doing a matrix perception, and finds an icon that looks like a little hat in a building nearby. The team forces the door to said building open, and finds the bodies of three triad members inside. The all appear to have been killed by the same person. They head up the stairs to find more dead bodies and two apartments, one locked and one unlocked. No one's in either room, so the team heads upstairs. On their way, they hear something being knocked around. They check out the next floor, and find two locked rooms, one where the sound is coming from. They open that door first, and inside discover a golden retriever puppy and a dead triad body, who was probably the owner. They open the other door, and inside they find the bodies of Doppel and his master, slumped against a wall. There's a chair in the room with empty restraints, that looks like it held the master before. It also looks like Doppel died before his master did, having taken a bullet for him. Murderbot loads the two bodies into Uber's smuggling compartment, and they take them to Blume back at the mansion. They try as best they can to comfort her as she figures out where to go from here.


Blume gets to be sad.


5 karma


One golden retriever puppy

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


This was just depressing...


Well at least he went down swinging, right? And he found his master... Poor Blume, though. That was just about everyone she knew from before the Haven brought her in. I'm worried for her, but she doesn't talk much as it is so it's a little hard to see how she's doing.

In other news, I hope Catseye gets along with this puppy...

Wild Star

While this didn't end the way I would have hoped, at least we got some closure for Blume. I have my contacts trying to figure out who these guys were affiliated with, so that if Blume wants, she can close it off nice and tight.