The Clown House

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The Clown House
Status Threat Level: high
Factions Involved
Alessa P
Six of Hearts
Attention Please!
6xClowns in a Car
Boss Clown
BIG Earth Spirit
Clowns in a Elevator
Casualties and losses
all are dead or at KE custody


The Runers are hired by Alessa to prevent an attack on the Daze by the Scatterbrains.


A member of the Mafia has made Alessa an offer to buy the Daze. This was rejected by her. The Mafia then hires the Scatterbrains to send a message.

The Meet

The meeting will be held at the Daze. Alessa explains to the Runners that an attack of the Scatterbrains is to be expected the next day. The Runners should take care of it by getting ahead of the Scatterbrains and attacking them in their hideout in Redmond. Alessa offers 10.000 Nuyen which is accepted by the runners.

The Plan

The Runners start planning the Run in the Daze when a guy comes in with a gift and heads for the Runners' table. They are a bit confused - Attention Please! (AP) accepts the gift and the messenger leaves as fast as he can. The other runners ask AP to open the gift outside and not in the Daze. AP goes out and opens it. There are some strange worms inside - thermal smoke rises from the gift and the commlinks and other devices in the area are affected - also there is a chocolate inside. The runners go outside to look at it when suddenly a car drives past the daze and opens fire on the runners.

The Run

Orchid fires a bolt at the car with a Lieghtning Ball Preparat attached. The car comes to a stop and 6 clowns get out. The Runners open fire on the Clowns - but they are not so well equipped because they did not expect a fight. AP goes into close combat with her mono whip. Bollwerk fires a stun grenade at the clowns - but it is intercepted by a clown and explodes in the clown and unfortunately AP is also hit by the grenade. Rurosha, Six oh Hearts and Orchid take the clowns under fire while Bollwerk has to take quite a beating (seems like all the clowns are pissed off because he used this grenade - but this is a lucky fun ball). The Runners manage to take out the Clowns and capture them. After some medical help from the Daze, the clowns are packed into Orchid's van. Rurosha examines the clowns' weapons (machine guns) and hears a voice threatening self-destruction. Rurosha throws the weapon away and everyone takes cover. The weapons explode. Six of Heart, through a contact with the Ancients, is able to locate a place in Redmond where the Runners can interrogate the clowns undisturbed. Before KE arrives at the Daze, the Runners set off for this location, collecting their better equipment along the way. One of the clowns is woken up with a stimpatch and interrogated by Orchid (under threat of violence from a crowbar). It turns out that the clowns were hired by the Mafia family Ciarniello to cause trouble in the Daze the next day. When they learned that Alessa was hiring runners to prevent this, they thought it would be a lot of fun to give them a present and put a few bullets in them. Six checks this information with Alessa - and Alessa confirms it. The runners send the clown back to sleep and abandon him and his buddies on a street corner. A contact at KE is called to make sure the clowns are picked up by KE. The Runners plan to infiltrate the Clown House (the Scatterbrains' lair in Redmond). AP poses as a member of the Scatterbrains and the others follow her under the cover of an invisibility spell cast by Orchid. The house can't be missed. Painted like a clown with windows for eyes and a huge red nose. AP presents herself at the door and easily convinces the guard to be a member of the Scatterbrains. When the door is opened, AP creates some distraction by pretending to clamp it so the others can get into the building. AP makes it clear that she wants to see the boss and she is directed to the elevator. A quick check of the stairs by Orchid shows that there are magic traps here. There is also a button in the elevator that is used as a trap. Orchid can disenchant this trap. At the top of the stairs, the runners are greeted by a Jag in a box and then make their way to the boss's room. The boss is about to sing - which sounds awful. After a short speech, the boss lets it be known that he has seen through the little charade of the runners because he perceives astrally and suggests they should deal with his friend - whereupon a damn big earth spirit appears in the room, made up like a clown. AP is able to take out the boss before he can run away and he falls to the ground unconscious. The Earth Spirit turns out to be extremely resilient. The Runners then try to take out the fainted boss, but the Spirit throws itself in the Runners' way. After a tough fight and the use of some effective perperate from Orchid, the Spirit can be driven away. The runners then hear the elevator being used. When it reaches the top, a grenade is fired into the elevator and Orchid's crossbow is used to press the button to close it again. The clowns in the elevator are now probably clown sauce. The runners can discover another treasure chest which can be disarmed and opened by Six.


The Scatterbrains' attack on the Daze the next day does not take place. The mafia is probably unhappy about the outcome. The future will tell whether the mafia will continue to try to take over the Daze.



  • 10k nuyen - 5 RVP
  • 7 karma - 7 RVP
  • 10 CDP - 4 RVP
  • -10 Scatterbrains Rep

Optional: (remove these from run rewards if you take these!)


  • Alessa P (Connection 4) at Loyalty 3 for -6 RVP

Attention Please!:

  • Qi Focus Force 4 (Cool Resolve) - 3 RVP
  • Qi Focus Force 4 (Improved AGI) - 3 RVP


  • Alchemical Focus Force 6 - 7.5 RVP
  • 1k nuyen - 0.5 RVP


  • Qi Focus Force 6 (Improved Heavy Weapons) - 4.5 RVP
  • 1k nuyen - 0.5 RVP


  • Qi Focus Force 6 (Improved Ability (Longarms)) - 4.5 RVP
  • 1k nuyen - 0.5 RVP

Six Of Hearts:

  • Terracotta Arms AM-47 - 8.75 RVP
  • 500 nuyen - 0.25 RVP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I have seen some really stupid gangs in Germany. Both in the Rhine-Ruhr Megaplex and in Berlin. But Seattle is a place full of surprises. I can't smoke, drink and do drugs enough to get the idea of dressing up as a clown and gangbanging people. It's bound to backfire. At least the other runners were well trained - that makes the work fun. So not because of the clowns, but because of the comrades.


I knew there was no way the Scatterbrains could have thought this up on their own. Hopefully the Mafia does not come after the Daze with more competent forces, but Alessa has my name should the need arise. Fragging clowns...

Attention Please!

Jesus, I thought the 'Weeners had gotten lame. These guys were clowns, but you know, not the good kind. "Ooo, look I put some make up on and got some over-sized pants! I'm a clown!" What a fucking joke.


Turns out gangers with hardware way above their budget had some big backers, whodathunk? /s The rest of the team was excellent, mostly.

==={{Orchid]]==+ Dealing with gangs and trying to hurt other people, that is noting new and lucky we put a stop to them.