The Giant Rat That Makes All The Rules

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The Giant Rat That Makes All The Rules
Part of The Cretaceous Clash
LocationDeep Within the Ork Underground
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Dr. Velo's Critter Army
Toxic Rat Shamen
Rat Shaman 1
Rat Shaman 2
Assorted Rats
The Giant Rat that makes all the Rules
Casualties and losses
None All


Tombstone and Rurosha clear out some rats gnawing on a connection cable for a certain Velociraptor


Dr. Velo's been stuck underground for a while now and his one link to the surface is being gnawed at by rats!!

The Meet

The meet was an unconventional one. A micro-raptor in a rotodrone delivered a commlink to Tombstone, who received a call from Dr. Velo Clementine Raptor who told him about his unique scenario and promised him ware in exchange for killing a few rats in the underground. Rurosha was contacted through her fixer. Both were given a location for a length of cable and told to head over and kill a few rats.

The Plan

Walk along the cable and shoot any rats in sight.

The Run

Walking along the cable and shooting everything in sight worked pretty well until they encountered a trio of BIG RATS who launched corrosive spit and carried horrible disease. After dispatching them, the rat slaughtering continued along until anothe pack of rats was met and then the runners were ambushed by a stealthy rat shifter mysad who launched plague at them before running away, getting caught and then promptly shot to death by Rurosha.

As Tombstone set the body alight with its preparations crackling and popping in the flames, a voice spoke out from the darkness.

"You have made a mistake entering the domain of the Giant Rat That Makes All The Rules."

The runners, now in a little deeper, set out to track this giant rat. As they pushed forward, the closeness of their drug crash durations coming ever closer, they tracked the beast to its lair, an enormous hole in the sewer. Upon finding sewer access (avoiding preps coating the ladder down) they entered the rats lair. The surface swarmed with incalcuable sums of rats forming a dirty carpet across the walls and floors. In the great hole in the Sewer was one final rat shaman, 3 R.O.U.S's and a mound of the rats all swarming and interlocking.

As the rat shaman turned to face the runners, the rat mound exploded and the Giant Rat That Makes All The Rules leaped out. The fight was on! The giat rat spat acid while the rat shaman ducked and weaved (and occasionally used rat shields) through bullets. With great finesse, Rurosha and Tombstone were able to bring down the shaman just as the rat body slammed Rurosha, nearly dropping her in one fell swoop. The battle raged on with acid and toxins and radiation all leveled at Tombstone but the ghoul refusing to fall. As the beast went for a bite that could tear through steel, Tombstone ducked out of the way and jammed his shotgun into the beasts mouth, making ratoiuille out of toxic rat chunks.


With the shaman and rat spirit dead, the runners escaped the underground to the surface and got their ware (Though Tombstone passed out halfway)


For Tombstone

Up to 12 RVP in ware, cyber or Bio

2 cdp

For Rurosha 10% off IG

Up to 32k in CYBERware (8 RVP)

4 karma (4 RVP)

2 cdp

Optional Contacts: Dr. Velo Clementine Raptor at 4/1 (4 RVP subtracted from run rewards)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"Fucking rats. Never trusting someone who tells me it's just rats again."


That was awkward. Real worrying that there's toxic shamans running around on the 3rd layer of the OU, too.