The Redecoration at Snoqualmie

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The Redecoration at Snoqualmie
LocationTacoma, Seattle
Black Rose
Snoqualmie Mountain Security
One random member of the cleaning staff


A Wuxing Johnson hires a team of runners to embarrass a Magical Research team from Aztechnology by changing the feng shui of the ski resort they will be staying at. The runners decide to additionally poison the entire Aztechnology team.

The Meet

Energizer, Wildman, and Black Rose arrive without incident (after Energizer hacks a SIN scanner to avoid having her fake SIN be flagged). Kitsune's appearance unfortunately made the Johnson's guards nervous due to looking incredibly similar to a known assassin. One of the guards tackled Kitsune, and after an argument the mistake is discovered by the Johnson's security team. However, both sides are now annoyed and distrustful of the other. The team demands extra pay in order to complete the job out of distaste for the Johnson.

The Run

Energizer is able to find an employee of the ski resort that looks similar enough to Kitsune for her to assume his form. Kitsune serenades the guy and Black Rose punches him out after he opens the window. The team then steals his car to arrive at the mountain.

Kitsune emulates the biometrics of the guy in order to get into the resort while the rest of the team sneak in through the woods (narrowly avoiding being spotted by patrols)! They enter the cabin the leader of the Aztechnology team will be staying in and attach motors to the bottom of the furniture to cause it to move at random times in random directions. Meanwhile, Woad pillow-mints and Accelerator air freshener are placed inside the cabin. The team repeats this at the other three cabins while Wildman keeps other employees away while in coyote-form.

After all four cabins have been messed with, Kitsune places the biomonitor of the employee she is impersonating on the owner of the mountain and the team exfiltrates through the woods.


  • 18k nuyen
  • 4 karma
  • 2 CDP

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