The Return Of The Double Grande Nachos Supreme With Chicken

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The Return Of The Double Grande Nachos Supreme With Chicken
LocationPuyallup, Seattle Metroplex
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven SpinGlobal Taco Temple
Combat DJ
Armed Clerks
Blood Spirit
Lucky became addicted to Push.


In which the team get a craving for the Double Grande Nachos Supreme With Chicken, and end in the cross-fire between Taco Temple and SpinGlobal.


The Double Grande Nachos Supreme With Chicken have returned, and a few lucky runners wandering Puyallup late at night receive the notification of the Taco Temple franchise which is serving them (with aisa and push in the secret sauce, of course)! SpinGlobal however takes issue with the rad-ness of this promotion, and have sent a strike team to spice things up a bit.

The Meet

The runners individually wander into Taco Temple, each lured there by spam advertisements and their individual cravings, and each order their food (most get the nachos, while Rabbit orders a "Synthetic" Blood Juice Box with collectable straw). Seeing that there are several other criminals around, they gather together at a table to share their meal. Delphi notices Lucky's streaming drones and receives a faceless device to wear, and Rabbit's agent Baskerville finishes skimming through the fine print that came with the meals just in time to tell everyone they've been dosed with aisa and push, right before the hallucinations start.

The Plan

Just vibin' and enjoying the food, nothing strange going on here.

The Run

Outside the window, the team see what appears to be a dragon, which begins charging towards the window - Delphi's danger sense goes off and she dives for cover, with Paragon and Reapsaw close behind, while Rabbit and Lucky do flips like action heroes. Crashing through the window is what appears to the team to be a cyber-dragon, but is actually an armored transport for a SpinGlobal assault team here to attack the Taco Temple. Lucky, wanting to pet the dragon, runs forward and is hit with nausea gas as the troops begin to deploy - exhilarated, he begins to march up the vehicle with his magnetic boots, running right into a cyber-centaur and onto its back.

The SpinGlobal combat DJ deploys, and Rabbit attempts to hack him to change the music to something more her speed, however she gets a mark back for her efforts. The combat DJ declares that the team are here for the criminals, and the runners all look at eachother before realizing that they're pointing at the Taco Temple employees, who launch a ball lightning at them in response - Delphi, Reapsaw and Paragon run for their lives, while Lucky and the cyber-centaur soak the hit with the aid of Rabbit's counterspelling dice before doing a sick backflip away and snatching his nachos out of the air before posing for the drone cameras.

Realizing they're caught in the corporate crossfire, the runners get ready for a fight. Rabbit data spikes the combat DJ to try to shut off the music, receiving a spike in return for her non-rad-ness which she just manages to bounce back. Losing interest in the decker, she prepares to monowhip the mage who tossed out the ball lightning (who she perceives as a drake) - Delphi implores her to use non-lethal force, so Rabbit nerve strikes her instead, paralyzing her and interrupting her chakras in the bargain. Reapsaw goes to punch one of the Taco Temple employees, who response with automatic weapons fire.

One of the cyber-centaurs starts to fill the restaurant with enhanced suppressive fire (and Paragon with bullets) while the other tosses a grenade behind the counter. Rabbit manages right-back-at-ya the grenade into the kitchen, yeet away a manabolt from the paralyzed mage and convince the combat DJ to change the music to a more industrial soundtrack. One of the Taco Temple employees tosses a grenade back at the cyber-centaurs which the proceed to soak handily, and Paragon runs over behind cover to enjoy nachos with Lucky and Delphi

At this point in the fight, one of the cyber-centaurs realizes that Paragon is Wanted by SpinGlobal, tossing a flashbang at them (forcing Delphi and Lucky to run) and unloading with a shotgun. Delphi spots the blood spirit being deployed and points it out to Rabbit as it begins to materialize, calibrating her in the process. The combat DJ fries hims deck on Rabbit's deck, who ignores him for the moment to monowhip the blood spirit out of existence before getting dog-piled by the cyber-centaurs with stun-net and screech rifle.


With the Taco Temple employees out of the fight and remaining SpinGlobal forces distracted, Delphi, Lucky, Paragon and Reapsaw make a tactical withdrawal while Rabbit nerve strikes the cyber-centaurs into paralysis and unloads her shotgun into their speaker system for good measure. After looting the place and dragging away the safe, the team apply first aid and Reapsaw drives them off into the night as more Aztechnology and SpinGlobal forces converge on the scene to continue the fight; the news the next day reveals the restaurant was destroyed, and that the Double Grande Nachos Supreme With Chicken has yet again been discontinued.


  • 6k nuyen from the Taco Temple safe. (3 RVP)
  • 4 karma (4 RVP)
  • 2000 nuyen from lifestyle costs for 2 months from Taco Temple coupons (1 RVP)
  • Drug Tolerant (12 CDP if you already have it or don't want it) (6 RVP)
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


to the tune of a rave soundtrack: From a shoulder view, one can see an approaching stylised Western Dragon from the other side of what appears to be a Fast-Food restaurant front, coming in charging. The person does a quick jump over the seating to evade the wall crashing in. They proceed to pet the dragon, when out of nowhere a Fantasy Centaur comes charging out of smoke surrounding the dragon, knocks the person over and you can see their feet stuck to the side of the horse body as they are being dragged around. A Lightning strike hits both the Centar and the recording person, and immediatly after this the Centaur grabs the person and throws them off, a slow-mo montage follows showing the absolute grace in flight, as well as the person perfectly picking up their nacho Tray from the table while in the Air and spinning, landing next to a pretty Elf lady, who´s face was blurred out and the words "pretty Elf lady" were edited into the blurr. Nacho eating continues, only shortly being disturbed by the recording person trying to throw their Tomahawk and it getting stuck in their shoes,them and the Elf Lady running from a Flashbang, followed by a successful throw of the Tomahawk which impales a Lizard-Knight behind a Taco-temple counter. For a Brief moment you can see one Centaur being engaged in combat with the Lizard Knights behind the counter, one Centaur being engaged in combat with a iron-clad Bunny, wielding an iron chain. The Trid fades out, showing the retrival of the Tomahawk and reverbed cheers: "Bunny! Bunny! Bunny!"


I'm still not entirely sure that any of this night actually happened or if it was all a bad trip if I'm being honest. I mean, I walk into this Taco Temple looking for some munchies and find an impromptu runner meet-up, then a dragon crashes through the wall and deploys it's minions (who I'm pretty sure were SpinGlobal employees but who might have been medieval knights on centaur-back) and everything just sort of goes to hell from there - I just sort of tried to stay out of the way of the bullets and grenades and keep my cat (who decided to sneak into my purse again) safe. At one point I'm pretty sure there was a blood spirit? I keep running into those things... still, everyone who wasn't trying to kill me survived and I didn't get a bunch of blood all over my suit this time at least, and the Double Grande Nachos Supreme With Chicken was good.


Paragon:per my last message, yes, i was at the taco temple. No, I definitely didn't sign blindly and knew what I was getting into when I started the very consensual trip into the realm of wonder. I trust you got the memo now?

Berl1n: what about the bit where you got fragged knobino?

Paragon: ARsk_Nachos.imgl

Berl1n: pretty cool nachos, doesn't answer question

Paragon: yeah

Paragon: i got hit by like, two bullets, that kind of clued me into the ledger, but the Double Grande Nachos Supreme With Chicken as pictured is to die for, and was the only reason I lived, so, yeah.

Berl1n: you got a timeline of events? my man wants to know why im cackles at the link, dig?

Paragon: I walk into taco temple, I witness and become an ascended being. some sort of end-of-days event occurs and the what others will describe as a metal dragon crashed into the building. the spice in the air gets turned to eleven, I hide underneath a table and share some nachos with Delphi while they did some matrix stuff. SOme sort of fight was going on, and I thought my suddenly shakey slippery hands were always like this. Pretty much everyone else handled it, didn't really feel a thing until like five minutes later when It kinda became apparent that i was not sitting in a water slide and I soaked reapsaws seat with blood, pretty poor posture on my part. got dropped off in my low tier apartment and died and went into the worst place possible-- crash-induced afternoon hangover hours.

Berl1n: that sucks, should probably get wared up so you dont have to feel those things anymore. :)


i'm writing this about a day afterwards i honestly have a very foggy memory of what happened last night and lucky due to me leaving the camera on my commlink, that was that was happening while I was under some form of drugs and honestly I can't remember what happened that much like the recording was there and it appears that spin radical ******** happen and I managed to punch a spirit out of existence nearly got shot up almost took a grenade and got a car seat cover completely in blood Luckily I have some of the solution to clean it. what the hell happened ?