The Underground Bakery Part 2

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The Underground Bakery Part 2
Part of Baker Wars
LocationDowntown, Seattle Metroplex
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Saul Goodman
Knight Errant
KE Goons
Spirit of Beasts


In which the runners are hired as caterers for a shadow bakery.


Saul Goodman is the best damn baker in Seattle, running the Underground Bakery and catering events in high society and the shadow community alike. He has a big job coming up catering a meeting of fixers, but his crew got caught doing novacoke and arrested by KE, so he needs some social types to act as last minute replacements.

The Meet

The runners are contacted by their fixers and asked to meet at the bakery at midnight. Harebuck and Oathbane manage to make it there without issue, while Delphi (with her new kitten in tow, which a bunch of hits on assensing reveals is apparently touched by the resonance) calls Clyde and gets really high on aisa beforehand and shows up rolling on a cocktail of drugs and booze. Arriving, they engage in Shenanigans(TM) with eachother and the J for a bit, sampling pastries (and in Delphi's case accidentally psychometrizing them) as he explains what he needs of them. The job sounds simple enough, though Delphi and Harebuck still push for more payment in the form of pastries, and Goodman tells them to return the next morning ready to work.

The Plan

Not a whole lot, since the runners weren't told anything about the event they're catering. After heading to Stuffer Shack for supplies (during which more Shenanigans(TM) ensue), Delphi heads back to her lodge and divines the future, with the magic 8-ball telling her that the next day will be an eventful one. Meanwhile Harebuck rests off his drug crash and takes long haul to be awake for the job due to being nocturnal, while Oathbane gets a bit of sleep to be in fresh shape and turns off her living persona so as to not be identified as a techno. Harebuck also calls "Wild Goose" to get the team some burner SINs.

The Run

Arriving bright and early at the Underground Bakery, Goodman gives the team uniforms and tells them they're catering a gathering of fixers and higher-up figures in the shadow community - the runner's fixers were not invited, but they resolve to keep a careful ear out for juicy tidbits of gossip to pass along. Heading to the convention location in a van, the team are able to look like regular caterers and get inside without a problem, passing their etiquette checks to seem like they're not obviously snooping.

About halfway through the event, after managing to pass beneath notice, the team notice Amrei Veidt (who the matrix savvy members realize is a skilled decker) head to the bathroom and go offline. Harebuck hears a commotion downstairs and lets the others know, and Oathbane curses when she is unable to spot out the host without her techno-brain being online. Delphi follows Amrei into the bathroom and notices she's missing with one of the vents open, so she DNI's the others that it's time to leave just as Knight Errant storms the room, having been tipped off about the criminal going's on there.

The runners pull off their surprise checks and blitz their resulting initiative rolls in order to beat a quick retreat, with the less-than-physically capable Oathbane and the antlered Harebuck managing to squeeze their way inside the vent with Delphi - they are able to follow the trail out of the building and survive a 2m drop into a dumpster in the alleyway, just in time to see an S-K vehicle speeding away in the distance. Back upstairs, Ace Powers bullshits the cops before pinning the blame on the servers, sending the pawns after them while the fixers make their own escape.


The team take stock of their situation in the alleyway, their disguises having become rather disheveled during the course of their escape. Delphi applies some quick makeup to Oathbane and wraps some gold foils from stolen hors d'oeuvres around Harebuck's antlers, and the three of them casually stroll off whistling a jaunty tune as KE looks for them. There's a brief incident as Delphi's cat manages to escape, but they manage to track it down and get back to the bakery before being caught. Goodman is apologetic about what happened, and agrees to pay them their full fee despite only technically working a half-shift, and throws in some extra baked goods for good measure.


  • 6k nuyen
  • 2 karma
  • 2 CDP
  • -1000 nuyen per month for 4 months on lifestyle
  • Contact: Saul Goodman (Connection 5 Loyalty 2), +1 Chip
  • +1 chip on your Fixer for this job

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


So I was just hanging out with this new kitten, hoping that she vibes with Salem so that he has a friend when I'm out working and attempting to keep her from eating this lily I've been trying to grow, when I get a call to do some catering work - I thought I got out of this line of work years ago, but cash is short this month (when is it not?) and the baker had hired me for a previous gig so I was inclined to help out. Plus he makes crazy good food. Anyway, I had to bring the kitten along and Clyde offers me hallucinogens on the way (who was I to say no to such an offer?) so I don't think I made the best impression at the meet with that guy Harebuck - especially after I accidentally picked up the psychometric impressions on the baked goods we were served and started having a bit of an emotional moment (it's just really good food okay?), but still 6 grand plus more free food for a day's work isn't anything to turn down.

Honestly though I'm going to have to start questioning J's more about "milk runs", because this one could have gone badly - I'm glad I had the thought for us to get burner SINs after doing that divination, because we got really close to getting pinched. Thankfully someone else seemed to have the same idea, because she got the frag out of their and left a trail for us to follow right as things got ugly. It was a bit of a rough exit but everyone survived unscathed (thankfully the cat is okay), and I came home with a bunch of croissants to find that apparently I ordered a few hundred kilos of premium pet food and treats. So much for saving money for a car I guess, but Clyde gives me drugs, so I dunno why I'd want to drive myself around when that's on the table.


I was expecting a easy job and well it was easy for the most part A few trips stuffer shack acquiring some things I needed and getting a nice rest .I never expected that it would be entire meeting of Johnson's and the room filled with them of different people of high importance among the shadow, I wasn't trying to gather any information because what I learn sometimes it's better not to know what you shouldn't know because you could definitely backfire for you if things go horribly horribly wrong did when Knight errant showed up and disable my drone of course they would have a freaking security expert ,it was such a ah I wasn't even able to do anything on the matrix because I lacked my deck but Luckily a basic comlink was able to assist me. Of course, whoever had the idea to sneak out of the bathroom was a smart person and lead to use getting out.

Falling on to this concrete pavement also did bang me up ....Luckily we were able to meet out but I honestly really hate this body sometimes the freaking pollution where I grew up at definitely has severely hamper me.then came the long way back getting to our vehicles, some stuck up corpse brat showed up and thought it was one of the ladies of the night, Offer to pay me for a night and I thought about it for a moment I may would have agreed but I had a prior previous occupation especially getting away from the police…my parents would kill me if they ever find out about this.

And Delphi caught a bad bird and did help the matrix by eating it and we made it back, reporting what happened and getting paid.