The Underground Bakery Part 3

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The Underground Bakery Part 3
Part of Baker Wars
LocationDowntown, Seattle
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Knight Errant
KE Mage
KE Explorer
KE Decker
Air Spirit
Fire Spirit
Casualties and losses
None Total


In which the runners are hired to recover property and assets seized by Knight Errant.


Saul Goodman is the greatest pasty chef and baker in Seattle, operating "The Underground Bakery" and catering events in high society and the shadow community. Unfortunately, his prized tools and catering professionals have all been seized by Knight Errant, on the trumped up charges of Possession and Intent to Sell the drug Novacoke. Now Saul needs the runners to recover his gear, free his minions, and return the company van. All they need to do is break into a Knight Errant precinct Downtown...

The Meet

The runners all receive calls from their various fixers, instructing them to head downtown and meet Saul Goodman, Head Chef of the Underground Bakery. Upon entering the shop, they are each treated to particularly fantastic examples of Saul's cooking; pastries of the highest caliber, almost magically delicious. Saul explains that his cooking has suffered after losing his prize rolling pin, which is magically attuned, imbued, and focused to increase his culinary expertise. Promising them each four months of personal pastries, he also offers a hefty amount of nuyen for their agreed upon service of bringing back his implement. The crew happily agrees, taking a large bag of pastries with them as the ride off to plan the attack.

The Plan

The shadow runners all convene at Delphi's private office, to allow Sp4rks the opportunity to scout out the precinct defenses on the Matrix. Little does he know that a hitchhiker has decided to tag along; namely Maeghara, the Bastet Technokitty that mischievously follows Sp4rks into the matrix and the Knight Errant Host. While Sp4rks nimbly avoids detection, the Bastet is not so lucky almost instantly gaining the KE Spider's attention, and subsequently his data spikes. As the Spider and the Technokitty spar, Sp4rks acquires the information he is looking for; a floor plan and the details of the specific items that Saul is looking for. Noticing the cat is having a rough time, Sp4rks offers some kindly assistance at great personal expense to preserve the lucky kitty. They leave together almost simultaneously, leaving a confused Spider in their wake.

Meanwhile, Witchblade and Delphi concoct a social scheme to enter the precinct as confused Psychometrists, one being affected by magically afflicted dessert pastries, and the other acting as the caring guide looking to report the suspicious baked goods. Their ruse is successful gaining them entrance into the precinct inner conference room, and presented with the rolling pin and other baking implements as potentially suspect in regards to Witchblade's "condition". As they check the items for authenticity, Witchblade feigns an emergency call, leaving Delphi to distract the KE Mage and KE Explorer, leaving the building only to return as Astral oversight to Skimmer as he stealthily approaches a side entrance, prepared to enter the building. Sp4rks deftly loops the cameras, and the team is ready for the main event.

The Run

Skimmer makes short work of the outer door security, picking the lock with ease. Sp4rks sends out a fake APB, causing the majority of the Knight Errant forces to tear out of the precinct, intent on answering the call. Entering the inner hallway Skimmer makes his way to the Evidence room, all the time being watched by Witchblade's astral form. Unfortunately the Spirit Security easily spots Witchblade and Skimmer, going on the offensive immediately. The Air Spirit Manifests to attack Skimmer, while the Fire Spirit uses it's fear power on Witchblade to no effect. Witchblade easily strikes down the Fire Spirit, while Skimmer unloads a bullseye burst on the Air Spirit, wounding it severely. The Air Spirit attempts to use it's fear power on Skimmer, but he bravely faces it down, and then downs it completely with another bullseye burst. The Knight Errant Explorer sneakily attacks Witchblade from behind on the Astral, but the canny Astral combatant easily evades the clumsy attack, and drops the explorer as well. Meanwhile Delphi's attempts to distract the KE Mage have come to their natural conclusion, as he rushes out of the conference room to deal with the threat. Unfortunately for him, Skimmer is waiting to shoot him directly in the Sternum dropping him to the floor and in desperate need of medical attention. Sp4rks has been busy as well, battling the KE Decker in the matrix. However, Sp4rks has no time or patience for the fool, and quickly crushes him with a well placed data spike. He then heads to the holding cells, prepared to release the culinary catering crew and escort them out of the building. Delphi and Skimmer collect all the appropriate cooking supplies and implements, as well as the keys to the company van. Everyone then loads up and drives away, Knight Errant unable to respond.


Saul is overjoyed at the overwhelming success of the runners, as he not only got back his rolling pin, but all of his missing gear, caterers, and van as well. He happily adds a bonus of nuyen to his original offer, in thanks to the hard work and dedication of the shadow running team. Now he can truly craft his most epic desserts, and the culinary world will be better as a result.


  • 14k Nuyen
  • 4 Karma -or- Inspired (Artisan) at chargen price
  • Saul Goodman (5/2) -or- 12 CDP
  • 1000 Nuyen off of lifestyle costs for 4 months (Goodman's Pastry delivery)
  • NO additional CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"Never have I been on a run that had so much that could have gone wrong, but ended up with everything coming out right. This was truly a great run, made easy by the team that was selected to perform it. I cannot hope to work with such fine professionals on a regular basis, but somehow I still wish it could be true. Saul was a bit of a jerk, with all that drek about Santa, but he really does no how to bake a delicious treat. I can't stay mad, the man is just that good. Time to go home, kick off my shoes and enjoy some more of his delicious confections."


I don't know what I'm thinking with this job sometimes - walking right into a KE precinct to steal a fragging rolling pin, I mean really. Still, those pastries are just too good to pass up, and the team was really on their game to make sure we could pull this off - plus we even managed to spring those caterers in the bargain, which was a nice feeling. I need to do something about this kitten though, or she's going to end up getting me into trouble.