The Weekend Warrior

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The Weekend Warrior
Part of The Farm and The Furious
LocationAll Around Redmond
Factions Involved
King HumungaMax
John Brown
The Weekender


A team of four runners flies around Redmond looking for a serial killer. After encountering a victim of hers and the runner team sent to hunt her down, they take down a Renraku attack helicopter and rescue the serial killer from a nearby outbreak of violence between Humanis and the local 688s.


King HumungaMax needs to find his accountant, the Weekender, who's gone missing after taking a week-long break terrorizing the barrens. She's gone MIA, and infiltrators have been found and neutralized at Mint's compound. In a bit of a tizzy, Mint calls up Ojou to gather a team of runners to come over and manage the situation.

The Meet

After a quick three pickups, the runners touch down at the farm. Mint shows them the bodies of a couple of runners in a pit and their electronics. Apparently they were sneaking around the farm and got shut down lethally by farm security. Spider investigates the commlinks and deck from the bodies and tracks another. After a little nudging, Mint agrees to add a small plot of land, turnips, and spices from the spice garden to the pay, and the group hurries off in Elizabeth (Ojou's helicopter) to the commlink.

The Run

Arriving on the scene, the team notes the gouts of smoke emanating from a burning building, a few bodies, and a man standing still on top of a barstool. As they close in, the smoke clears revealing the man, a tatooed Humanis member, has been trapped on top of land mines that will trigger if the stool topples, and he's clearly wearing a bomb vest. Spider and John Brown combine magic and technical expertise to keep him still as they replace him with Usagi, and the team gets the information for him that he was drugged (with Laes, Spider discerns) while at a nearby bar and woke up in this predicament. Hearing the sound of a go-gang coming in, they collect the man's bomb vest and return to the relative safety of the helicopter, and simply watch as a contingent of 688s rides in and ventilates the rescued man. Somewhat impassive, the team casually questions the gangers from their hovering position of strength, and they realize that the 688s are basically totally unaware of the entire situation, despite one of the commlinks Spider traced having been left at the scene.

Puzzled and uncertain, the team resolves to contact King HumungaMax, having Mint link them up and carrying out a quick questioning. King's lavish description of the Weekender's penchant for gruesome sadistic kills alerts the team to the likelihood that the scene they've just left (with the buildings still burning and a still-living victim) was likely the last place the Weekender was. As they quickly return to the burning building, Ojou notices a target lock, and the team finds a readied missile launcher left on a nearby building. After Usagi disabled it, he read out a note, apparently a warning from another pilot 'WW'. As this was happening, John Brown had a powerful summoned spirit Search for the target using an image provided by King.

With the spirit having tracked her to the south, the team began rapidly approaching her last known location. On the way, they encountered a red Renraku helicopter firing on the rest of the hapless runners they hired to find the Weekender. Assuming the Weekender was with the runners, the team quickly neutralized the helicopter, leaving its inhabitants to John Brown's air spirit. After a short and sassy stand-off with the runners, the team decided to leave when they heard gunshots coming further from the south.

Elizabeth reaches the scene to find a shootout between the 688s and a few Humanis toughs. A quick astral scan immediately reveals the bright and obnoxious aura of the Weekender, held at gunpoint in a burning building. With an explosive display or mechanical, magic, and matrix prowess, the team cripples each side and removes the hostage-taker, Elizabeth landing at an uncertain angle on a fire escape to allow the Weekender to rush inside and the team to vamoose without much trouble.


While the Weekender is a little put off by not being able to watch the bloodbath (she claims to have been 'in control' 'the whole time'), Mint and King HumungaMax are happy with the runners' performance, and they get their pay, along perhaps with a little goodwill from Mint.


8,000 ¥, 12 Karma, 4 RVP convertible to Mint as a 3/2 contact, and 2 CDP.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I'm not sure we did a good thing here. Considering all the deaths this Weekender has caused... Perhaps we should have refused. :(


A simple job, I guess? Felt like the target was up to something a little shaky, like Spider said... Who's WW? I'll worry about that stuff later, for now I'll just enjoy the vid I got. I'm going to get a simrig too, I think I'd be pretty good at teaching this stuff. The Haven should pay me for such entertainment, my old bosses would have. Ha!