The Wrath of the Killdozer

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The Wrath of the Killdozer
GMMach Ten
Trash Panda
Rabbit Doctor Anubis
EVO CORP, KE Police, unnamed Shadowrunners


A message is sent to the ShadowHaven via the Fixer network

"OK This is a live feed .... There's a job in it for you if your quick, I'll try and keep other interested parties at bay, but you gotta go, NOW!"

The image is replaced by a trid feed :

A man in his early thirties sits in darkness ... a bare flicker of green light illuminates his face and nothing more, he looks groggy as if he has only just awoken from a deep sleep.

".. .I repeat, my name is Slawomir Weber, a junior engineer with ETA Engineering... if you can hear me ... my family has money .. they will pay for my release ... please ... please oh God ... help me .. get me out of here... Fifty Thousand to the people that get me out ..."

HE looks around and sees something, he seems to peer up near your camera PoV

"Oh Jeeesssusss ... there's ... there's a clock .. a counter ... it's counting down ... oh ... oooh no ... I don't want to dieeee... One HUNDRED THOUSAND!! ...." he screams the last words and the camera fades to black

The Runners head out at top speed to extract this Johnson from a cruel trap.


Following on from the events :

Emergency Potter Admin Meeting Regarding Critical Structural Damage to Evo Seattle HQ

EVO get word of the leaked documents and hatch a plan to score political points over the damage done to their building and gain some revenge on the Shadow Haven community at large.

They search their archive for terrorist threats against them and find -

KILLDOZER After years of protests, petitions, and town meetings it became obvious that he was entwined in a gross miscarriage of justice.

His business was ruined by some shady zoning changes and He contended that City Hall and EVO were corrupt.

Even as he was forced to give up his legal fight and sell his land to EVO, he hatched one last plan to secretly retool his Construction shop to serve a single malevolent purpose: to construct a machine that would allow him to exact his revenge upon those who had wronged him.

Obviously this madmans plan never came to fruition but the plans were still on file, EVO took his plans and laid an elaborate trap.

Slawomir Weber is captured by Runners hired by EVO corp.

Transporting the KILLDOZER to their Tower site and planting Slawomir Weber inside, a message is sent to the ShadowHaven.

Meanwhile a terrorist threat is cooked up about a bomb beneath the tower and the Metros Media circus invited to watch as EVO expose the corruption of City Hall and the Haven in one fell swoop as they attempt to rescue their patsy.

The Meet

After the above message is played, there is not means of communicating with the Johnson.

The Plan

Locate the source of the feed and enhance the images for clues

Head Downtown asap and assess the situation

Locate an ingress and egress point

Commit Corporate sabotage

The Run

Dokkaebi hits VR for some quick searches aware they do not have time for thorough data searching, he looks for credible clues from the Trid clip, there are several construction sites that it might be : Puyallup, EVO Downtown or Bellevue.

Rabbit takes the info and heads to EVO tower on a hunch just in time to see Knight Errant forces evacuating the local area, taking the high ground he sees a 50 meter police cordon around EVO tower and the sudden arrival of media drones flooding the air space.

Trash Panda & Doctor Anubis arrive straight after and fight through the streets to arrive at the scene, the NewsFeeds are flooding with a terrorist threat against EVO and their tower still full of civilians, some Eastern European cell is making demands or they will blow up the tower thei apparent leader looks VERY alike to Slawomir Weber ... at the same time another message from the Dozer gets to Trash Panda - Slawomir Weber is awake and panicking as he tries to escape the confines.

The team look at their options - an air approach is too risky, infiltrating via neighboring buildings equally as bad so they settle on a sewer entry and move to an alley to suit up.

Dokkaebi gets plans of the sewers from city hall but they are incomplete, the team move on regardless, Trash Panda locates a nest of Devil rats and they navigate away from that threat, Anubis spots a claymore and they neutralize it before moving into the subterranean automated carpark system.

They quickly ascend by hijacking the controls and making themselves invisible, up to the carport where they can see into the Construction site.

KILLDOZER is stuck on a broken structural pillar rocking back and forth otherwise the area is empty, no astral or matrix threats that the team can spot... Anubis and Rabbit spot the large amount of explosive compounds around the place in huge barrels, but Anubis promises that they are fake, inert.

Dokkaebi goes for the kill on the obviously rigger controlled dozer. Rabbit circles left and Anubis right leaving Trash Panda to protect Dokkaebi, who spots an inactive Doberman drone under a tarp near Rabbit..

They hit combat running, the drone sliced neatly in half by mono-fil whip, as a heavy gunner opens up full auto on where he thinks Rabbit is.

Two more assailants spring out, a sniper and a gunner both fire on Anubis who takes a bullet neatly in the ass.

Trash Panda orders a spirit to hunt and kill explosive devices on the dozer but is held back by strong mana barriers, but eventually breaks through... Dokkaebi is targeted by an enemy Decker and enters a dangerous game of cat and cat.

Rabit moving at the speed of light disables the enemy guns and takes the right track off the tank leaving it churning in the mud, the enemies are quickly hunted down and destroyed, but the team is hurried as the KE forces outside assume them terrorists and begin to move in.

With welders and mono-fil tools the team chip the concrete from the dozer and grab Weber before leaving the way they came, no enemy forces are engaged, but a mmessage is sent to the press with the trid feeds the team received in a hope of countering EVOs messaging.

Getting to a safe place they bring Weber around with team medical assistance.

They apprise him of his situation and he pleads for his life, the world thinks him a terrorist and if he is cutoff from his family's fortunes the team will not be paid, they make a call to his father the CEO of a small corp who eventually negotiates for his sons freedom offering the team the payment they were promised.


Weber is dropped off at a rendezvous and payment made to the team

EVO play the press like a fiddle, though it is not as effective as they hoped, the trid clips counter their version of events and eventually it is brushed away new the next 5 minutes news.


25,000 NuYen per Runner

+3 Karma

+1 Faction Rep - UCAS (City Hall)

Player After Action Reports (AARs)