The bug did not know what hit him

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The bug did not know what hit him
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Danny Hoffman
Lt.Cmdr Yennefer Kerrigan
Ares Bugs
Shy Bugspirit
Casualties and losses
IG run for Shy


Shy is hired by Danny Hoffman and Yennefer Kerrigan to take out a bug spirit that acts as a central liaison between UCAS military in Seattle and Ares.


Danny Hoffman has started cleaning up after the events in the Run "You Picked the Wrong Backyard to Invade" and is in the process of digging up a bug nest in Ares. In the process, he stumbled across Rick Muller, a bugspirit who acts as the liaison between the UCAS military in Seattle and Ares. Since Mr. Muller has an appointment at the corporate headquarters the next day, Danny wants to get rid of him before this appointment takes place. Rick Muller maintains the facade of his host body and lives with his two adult daughters in Bellevue near a transition to Redmond. Not trusting his channels within Ares at the moment, Danny approaches Yennefer Kerrigan and reports his bug problem. The two decide to recruit a contract killing expert to get rid of Mr. Muller.

The Meet

The meeting takes place at a steak restaurant in Everett that is right up Danny's alley. The two are already waiting for Shy and their desired meal is ready. After a brief explanation of the task, Danny provides a detailed map of the area. Shy can pretty quickly determine that she has three options:

1. enter the house and eliminate the target on the spot. However, she has to worry about the target's bodyguards.

2. take position in Bellevue and take out target at a distance. However, Bellevue is very heavily guarded by KE and Shy is wanted by KE.

3. a high-rise building near the wall between Bellevue and Redmond on the Redmond side would serve as a sniper spot at maximum range. Local gang problems may have to be anticipated. Also, KE is likely to react aggressively if shot over the wall. Extra surveillance equipment has been installed here.

The Plan

Shy decides for option 3 and agrees to pay 20000 Nuyen. She gobbles down the food because she has only a narrow window of time until the next day to complete the job and starts planning on the way out. She calls some contacts to have an evacuation plan and has a short conversation with Pumpking Jack who can't really help her. Then she makes her way to the high-rise building in Redmond.

The Run

Shy sneaks up the skyscraper with her equipment. She manages to arrive at the top apartment largely unseen. Unfortunately, she finds that the way to the roof is bricked up. But it looks like there must be a connection from the apartment to the roof, because the satellite images of Danny suggest that there is illegal plant growth. Shy decides to break the door of the apartment and enters. A sleeping dog at the entrance can be put out of action with the right dosage of Narcojet. Two more drug dealers can also be eliminated with Narcojet and some tricks. Shy makes her way to the roof and sets up her equipment. Then she waits a long time and watches her target through the binoculars of the sniper rifle. An opportunity presents itself to take out the target inside the house but Shy waits for a better moment. As the target leaves the house to dispose of yard waste in the garden, Shy fires a prezission shot that knocks the target out. With a second shot she makes sure the bug stays dead. Then she hurriedly makes her way downstairs as KE drones are already on their way to her. When she gets down, she realizes that parking in Redmond is not so good. Her bike is a bit battered and no longer roadworthy. So she sneaks away while KE is looking for the shooter. She manages to leave the area after some time.


Danny is very pleased with the result. One bug less on his list.


  • 20.000 Nuyen or double for Ares related Gear up to AV 19
  • 8 Karma
  • 6 CDP
  • IG 4 discount for Shy

Optional for Shy:

  • Danny Hoffman 5/3 for 7 RVP or 14 CDP
  • Sharpshooter for 4 RVP
  • Poisoner for 5 RVP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Being recruited to kill people i mean...Bug Spirit that's kind of scary. I wonder what could have happen if...Well i didn't manage to get a clean shot on him. Shouldn't think about it too much. Found a good sniper nest, clean it, took my shot and managed to run away with just a few problem with the Bike. Should manage to get new tire so it's fine.