Verses The Mooney Suzuki – Shake That Bush Again

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Verses The Mooney Suzuki – Shake That Bush Again
Result The Team saves Jeannie Peters from certain doom.
Factions Involved
Shadowhaven Ciarniello Family
Commanders and leaders
Casualties and losses
None Enemy Rigger


Ignominious breaks with his Johnson, Caeser Ciarniello, and his runner team to save the life of budding starlet Jeannie Peters.


The crew all finds themselves in a DNI call with Brushless; a rigger Ignominious called to help him get out of a jam. After negotiations, Fischer, Marionette, Captain Freefall, Paladin, Crosley, the Johnson and Target meet at an upscale restaurant in Belleview. Unfortunately, the enemy runner team is closing in fast.


The run begins with little time for the defending shadowrunner team to prepare. The enemy runner mage sends their fire spirit to search out Jeannie Peters. In no time the enemy team is on the heels of Jeannie's defenders. Everyone quickly piles into Fischer's BMW. Unfortunately, Marrionette left all his gear in his vehicle leaving him at a disadvantage. Fischer speeds up, and the chase ensues. The enemy mage sends her fire spirit to kill Jeannie and begins to attack the BMW. Captain Freefall heroicly pounces on the enemy vehicle and begins to smash his way through to the interior. Fischer deploys his drones and fires stick-n-shock at the enemy team. Marrionette rolls the window down and also opens fire on the enemy vehicle. The chase continues Crosley cast a physical barrier, but the rigger can deftly swerve out of the way. The mage hurls stunballs at the vehicle, but Fischer can outpace them. Neither team seems to be getting the upper hand. The chase continues until Fischer deploys his mounted weapon locks on and fires on the enemy vehicle making sure to miss Captain Freefall. The enemy vehicle is disabled and the rigger also dies. There was just too much electrical damage. Only the fire spirit remains Paladin offers leadership to Crosley who killed the spirit. With all the commotion HTR is summoned and is on their way. Both the enemy mage and Crosley scrub their astral signatures. Captain Freefall convinces the rest of the team to withdraw giving Jeannie's defenders time to make a getaway. After some time, Ignominious calls the defending team and tells them it's all clear. The team receives their payment for a job well done.


After an awesome chase through the streets of Belleview Jeannie Peters is saved. Ignominious is able to convince Vince Ciarniello, the leader of the Ciarniello crime family, to call off the runner team.


15000 nuyen, 5 Karma

Player AARs



Relatively routine protection Job. Some slotters decided the contract was worth them interrfereing with us and it didn't go well for them; put a remnington mag into their ride and called it a day. Chainsmoked until pickup.

Captain Freefall



10000 Nuyen WFTP 5 Karma

5000 Nuyen 10 Karma