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Part of The Narcotic Menagerie
LocationTacoma & Redmond Barrens
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Some random Redmond Barrens gang
Casualties and losses
The gang boss's finger, and their dignity. Literally just those.


The Haven is, once again, tapped to retrieve horrifically drugged up mundane animals by Beastmaster as per the last run. Now, it's Jazzed up hyenas!


Exotic Animals owned by a Drug Lord have broken out and got into his stash. They were then 'acquired' by a random gang boss as pets.

The Meet

The Johnson was met in a small clearing in Tacoma, as per the last run. He's still an animal trader and offers the job to Pell, Wildman, Beakman, and Century. A bit more pay was negotiated by Beakman.

The Plan

With the general location of the hyenas given by the Johnson, our intrepid heroes head off to the Redmond Barrens, planning to use Beast spirits and good old fashioned mouth-waffling talking to track them down and wrangle them back to the clearing in Tacoma.

The Run

With their specific location narrowed down, the group heads to the club where a random gang boss has had them squatting in. Palms were greased to get the party in a meeting with the boss. Only 6 of the hyenas were spotted however, and all of them were decorated by the gang, as per the usual fashions of such groups. The group then negotiated with the boss, offering a chance for the boss to buy more hyenas, in exchange for the boss considering offering custody of these specific hyenas and the group tracking down the missing one.

The group then used Wildman's summoned Beast spirit to Search for the missing hyena, finding it disturbing the peace with its flak jacket mounted grenades in a mom-&-pop store. Beakman uses his mimicry capabilities from being a parrot SURGE, tricking the hyena into leaving the store. The hyena, being Jazzed out of its mind, then doesn't find Century's Critter Spookiness as spooky, and starts being affectionate towards him. A grenade scare was had.

The party gets back to the gang boss, finding one of the hyenas having bitten off one of the boss' fingers, and the boss looking to get rid of them as soon as possible.


The party then loads up the hyenas in Wildman's Jeep, and heads back to the Tacoma clearing. One of the hyenas manage to circle the jeep while in traffic. The journey and off-loading of the hyenas were otherwise uneventful.


12,000 nuyen + 2,000 nuyen (negotiated)

2 Karma


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


So uh, more drugged up animal wrangling and we didn't need to go to multiple places this time! Met some other Haven people for the first time, which is nice. Anyway, this guy pays well, which is rather concerning.


This was fun! I got to pet the little hyenas and they weren't scared. That was pretty fun. Although it's concerning how much these guys had taken. We got paid pretty well too.