We are Watching

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We are Watching
Part of When You Reach Me
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Fading of the Dawn
Haruko Olobella


The team was hired by an old runner to help find some missing people, who got kidnapped by a group of mercs, called We are Watching.


Soucouyant due to their own background dealing with hate groups in the past thought it was a link to a personal bias

The Meet

The runner team would meet the J at an old dinner, where she would tell them about the mission, and leave them with a meal of burgers made with real meat, before having to bail, due to being wanted for a crime she did that day.

The Plan

The plan was to check out the family who have reported the disappears recently to investigate the leads from them and try to find a clue that is linked to the people being grabbed, it's unknown who was the buyers looking to pick up a large amount of somewhat handsome people.

The Run

With a clever amount of investigation and the use of the matrix, they were able to calculate some information about a group of majors that were grabbed and would use that as a lead towards finding the culprits behind it which happened to be a mercenary company known as we are ever watching. which don't have the biggest reputation for them as they have been known to forgo original contracts the moment someone else is willing to pay them a bigger cut. it lead to a fight between the mercs and none of the mercs made out of the fight alive, lucky the runners made it in time to save the people. but that still leaves it open to whoever was the first buyer trying to grab these people.


Staring out across the city of Seattle a man would be inside the Aries tower where they had no expression on his face as he held a glass of whiskey in his hand. once more this person by the name of the witch has gotten in the way of his operation but that does not halt him from continuing his goal as his commlink begins to buzz. “We need to de….”


Reward 10k Nyuen (5 RVP) Or 20k Nyuen for Gear under 18 avi . under magic stuff, weapons, armor, and tech 7 Karma (7RVP)

Base CDP 2 Optional Soucouyant 4/3 at (6 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

I'm not gonna weep for these mercs and the heinous drek they've been doing in life, though a small part of me does wish them restful death. Still, I'd sleep well knowing we found a bunch of missing folks and got them free from whatever trafficking was taking place. Even watched as some rich-kid that was captured get VTOL-ed home; they did thank us, at least. More importantly, decent pay from our J for going above-and-beyond from an investigation to a rescue. Definitely might consider further work with them, should it come up. As for the team, Lynx handled the camera-checking with decent expedience and helped drive us around. Thumbs-up from me. Haruko was pretty much a gem, complete with assisting with an Earth spirit when time came for raiding the merc compound. Dawn was a juggernaut in that final fight, and did a good deal of work on the flippy-dippy showoff. I wasn't really expecting to do too much fighting myself, so having the muscle was paramount for the rest of us maybe not being fighters.