Where In The World Is My Painting?

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Where In The World Is My Painting?
Part of Adversaries
LocationDowntown - Seattle Art Museum
Factions Involved
Lone Star


It was simple: Steal a stone painting, don't get caught, and do it before someone else did!


What's simpler than taking what isn't yours?

The Meet

Ms. Johnson met the four of them at a cafe downtown. Her employers had an interest in a painting currently on exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum by Raita al-Amber. She explained that the painting was only going to be on display for the next week that her employers would like - and they'd prefer it if were done discreetly. She also disclosed that they weren't the only ones interested, so time was of the essence. The team agreed to the terms and set off to do some legwork.

The Plan

The plan was to do some legwork, then come back later and do the dirty work. The plan rapidly changed once there, however.

The team decided to head to the Museum to do some legwork. Ms. Johnson had warned that there were other teams looking in to stealing the painting, so when it became apparent there was another team on site, Tupelo decided to head in and tell the Lone Star guards there were people outside planning a robbery. Because of his legendary reputation with Lone Star, he convinced them to look into the other runners, causing the team to panic. Deimos slowed them down with a comical tripping hazard which rattled them enough so that as they were pulling out on to the street, they collided with the Lone Star patrol car that was en-route to investigate them. The opposition would be busy for only a little while, so the team decided to just go for it. Tupelo would distract the guards while the others went in the back, simple as that.

The Run

Tupelo managed to convince the guards to take him on a tour while they were on break; eventually, he encouraged them gently to take him in the back for drinks and many, many renditions of Wonderwall.

The rest of the team assembled in the garage after Deimos made sure Bucephales was happy on the roof of the building. Sc4rl3tt stayed curled up in the front seat of the car while the others made to enter and find the painting they needed to take - Deimos pointed out that there might be a fake on display with the real one in storage, so a few Matrix searches later, Sc4rl3tt confirmed the real was in storage. She added Uber to the list of authorized guards, opened the doors, and the team went in. Uber was disquised as a security officer while Deimos and Rabbit were under an invisibility cloak (which, when calculated, could cover 45 children). The three made their way to the storage area, pulled the stealth tags off the painting once Sc4rl3tt spoofed them, and simply walked out with it. Well, Deimos carried it since the thing weighed nearly 100 kilos. They shoved it in the backseat of Uber's car and off everyone went - Deimos on Bucephales, Rabbit in a separate car, Tupelo staying behind for more Wonderwall-ing, while Uber and Sc4rl3tt left with the goods.


A call to a very surprised Ms. Johnson later and everyone met back at a cafe to deliver the goods and get paid. Rabbit took a more circuitous route.

After breaking into the impound lot where the NeoHaven car was, she proceeded to spraypaint a rabbit on the side and steal the car stereo system, leaving a flashbang in its place.

The team managed to clear the cafe out after someone decided to come in dressed as a drake would be the most appropriate thing ever. Several very expensive coffees were purchased to assuage the cafe' owner, but Deimos did get them yelled at for consuming outside food and drink. Needless to say they probably shouldn't visit that particular shop anytime soon.

Deimos put the stone painting in the Johnson's car and everyone got paid.


14k Nuyen for the Job

6k Nuyen for not getting caught

7 karma


The Gift of Friendship!

Rabbit and Tupelo: -4 Neo-Haven Rep

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I don't think that coffee shop is ever going to let us back in - especially after Rabbit tried to sell the proprietor the stolen car stereo.


The only legwork that happened was Deimos carrying 100 kg of stonework out to the car by herself. This was my first time actually working with anyone from the Haven and I'm very confused now?