Who Hunts The Hunters

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Who Hunts The Hunters
Factions Involved


The runners broke into a research facility, and stole a biological sample.


The Johnson wanted a biological sample, from a research facility which made bio drones. They use Cyber-Tooth-Tigers as guards.

The Meet

The meet was at 9 AM, on the matrix. The Host would be a dark net meeting site today. Kralle was a minute too late, so she missed the meet. The Johnson told the team that there were Mages and Riggers in the extrateritorial facility, and that they worked on Cyber-Tooth-Tigers.

The Plan

Gh0st asked his contact Giovanni Montalban about smaller hosts related to the EVO research facility. He told him that there is a EVO construction corps, who has build the facility. Gh0st hacks into the host of this construction corps and steals the floor plans, for the facility. Skylark asked Queen Elizabeth XXIII to tell her something about the facility. She is told that the facility has been built so that cats can easily traverse it.

The plan was to make a distraction and sneak in, to grab the sample, and then leg it. At first the plan was to set someone on fire, to misdirect the guards, or let Usagi snipe them. But then they realized that the Cyber-Tooth-Tigers could be 'reprogrammed' to attack their friends.

The Run

Gh0st broke into the facility host, and reprogrammed the Cyber-Tooth-Tigers friend-foe-recognition system using bootstrap. He furthermore programmed them to attack everyone on the trigger word Dinglehoper. The Other teammates used a combination of 'levitate' and ladders to get to the roof. On the roof was a bored spirit patrolling, but he didn't see them. Kralle welded a hatch open, and the team got into the catwalk under it. Gh0st opened the hatch to the target room, and they entered it. Gh0st had to leave the host because he had a too high overwatch score. Skylark managed to threaten the 2 workers in the room with a pistol, so they would not trigger the silent alarm. But as soon a Kralle entered the room one fainted and the other one began to scream, cause of Kralle's look forcing Gh0st to attack the alerted spider. The runners got the sample from the worker, and began to retreat. In the cat walk Kralle, who ran ahead, was attacked by a Cyber-Tooth-Tiger. They had a little biting contest, but eventually Skylark and Usagi came around the corner and shot the Tiger. The shot set off the alarm. As they escaped through the hatch to the roof, the spirit materializes above them, but the runners made mice-meat out of him. The team escaped with Usagi's car while being shot at.


They dropped the sample into a bin int the park, like they were told to do. And the Johnson retrieved it a few minutes later.


24K NuYen, 5 Karma and 2 CDP.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


It is a little bit weird to bite a tiger, who just bitten you. But it was the best option at the moment.


It's not my job to question other people's life choices, but when you look at cyber monsters like that? You have to wonder what new drugs they're making on the side.


I can never get enough usage out of Forboding. Might work better than my combat spells for handling fights. I might have to look into what the hell EVO's on making all these crazy things. And that biosample we gave them worries me, but not enough to not take pay.