Wolverine Jurisdictional Battle

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Date: 10/15/2082 By: Carly Reeves

"Carly Reeves standing here outside Metroplex Hall in Downtown, where District Attorney Mark Donaghy earlier today spoke out against controversial figure, Wolverine Security office Markus Kildear.

Cut Scene to:

A podium upon the steps of Metroplex Hall, behind which stands District Attorney Mark Donaghy. Behind the trio, a VR display replays captured footage showing an internal view of an armoured security van. In the centre view, a white human male wearing the uniform of a Wolverine Security Officer beating and kicking an unarmed female gnome wearing a white-t-shirt emblazoned with a scowling pink bunny. Beaten so badly that her blue-dyed hair is already matted with clotted blood, the young woman mewls in agony while repeated, unnecessary blows are delivered to her person. The display cuts out moments after the woman is literally thrown head-first into the rear door of the vehicle. An audible, grizzly snap heralds the breaking of her neck. Shaking his head as the display fades to black, Mark Donaghy sorrowfully shakes his head.

"These images, obtained by KSAF news yesterday and shared with my office today, speak of a cancer within our justice system. This morning, I informed Wolverine Security's legal department that I had issued an arrest warrant for Wolverine Security officer Markus Kildear, charging him with the murder of one Maxine Roberts, arrested for the crime of Trespassing. Wolverine Security have since informed me that they do not recognise the authority of my warrant, alleging that, as Maxine had committed a crime on on extra-territorial soil and, later, "suffered fatal injuries" on extra-territorial soil, the great Metroplex of Seattle has no jurisdiction in this matter. However, GPS tracking data on Maxine's commlink as well as street traffic drones and SIN scanners erected by the "Light the Shadows" campaign have revealed that Maxine was, in fact, arrested on UCAS soil following an illegal cross-border pursuit."

The District Attorney shuffles his notes -actual paper- and for a moment the camera pans into the crowd, where a number of quietly weeping orks, trolls and humans, many recognisable as leaders of the Seattle Underground community and meta-human rights groups, stand stoically near the podium. The camera zooms in. DA Mark Donaghy looks directly into the camera. His gaze intense.

"Citizens of Seattle, this will not stand. A young woman has been murdered by one of her supposed protectors for the petty misdemeanour of "trespass". Regardless of whether or not Wolverine's claims that this young woman was a Shadowrunner are true or not, those who are sworn to deliver justice must be seen to deliver -justice-, not brutality. Law, not lawlessness. Mercy, not mercilessness."

"I have this day, informed Wolverine Security that the warrant for the arrest of this thug, this jack-booted murderer, will stand. Any attempt by a Wolverine Security Employee to smuggle Officer Kildear out of corporate extra-territorial territory, through the UCSA and out of our jurisdictional will be considered the felony crime of aiding and abetting fugitive. I ask all citizens to remain vigilant, and to report any suspicious or unusual Wolverine Security activity to myself or my office, and thereafter directly to Knight Errant Security.

I would have no more dead innocents murdered on our streets by those sworn to protect them. Good night and thank you all for coming. There will be no more questions. "

Cut back to:

Carly Reeves.

"Does this presage yet another power struggle between the city and the corporations that enforce it's laws? Troubling times indeed.. This is Carly Reeves for KSAF news, signing off."