Work for the wasps

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Work for the wasps
Part of ShadowHaven Shutdown
Status Threat Level: Extreme
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Ty Vallynn
2xFBI Agents
1xFLR Guard
1xF10 Fires Spirit
2xAnthro Drones
Casualties and losses
FBI Agents were caught, rest killed
Mundane Ascension for Cyberfang and Grasshopper


The Runners are hired by a bug spirit in the Matrix to steal evidence from an FBI safehouse and capture FBI agents. Their meeting at the drop is stormed by Firewatch.


The Wasp Spirits have decided to turn the tables and recruit the Runners this time to steal evidence from the FBI as well as infiltrate some of their agents. Unfortunately for them, some members of the Firewatch get behind the action and ambush the handover.

The Meet

The meeting will take place in the matrix. The J explains that evidence in a Save House will be secured by the FBI and FBI agents will be caught. After the runners have succeeded, they are to report to the J again to learn about a drop-off location. The Runners agree after a short negotiation and get to work.

The Plan

The team decides to explore the Save Haus on site. They can see that for the time of day (night) there are a lot of cars in the yard (which is unusual because it is a shipping building). Grasshopper uses his Fly Spy to scout the building but is found by Matrix Security and Physical Security searches for the drones. Grasshopper then retreats. Ty also tries to scout the building but it is protected by a mana barrier and a Fire Spirit is on patrol. Ty must therefore retreat. Cyberfang tries to enter the building through the roof, but is discovered by the Fire Spirit. He asks him to leave the area, but Cyberfang decides to just attack him. Cyberfang manages to knock out the fire spirit but not in time to prevent an alarm. The Runners decide to take action.

The Run

The team enters the save house through two entrances and a skylight. They are taken under fire by some drones and a well-trained guard. The less trained agents (they are not field agents) are not a real obstacle. However, Ty has some problems with the drone that fights them with a flamethrower. Ty uses an invisibility spell to take out the agents inside while Grasshopper takes out the drone. In the meantime, Cyberfang is busy with the guard who is giving him some trouble. This guard can also be taken out by Grasshopper. The runners quickly load all the agents and as much evidence as they can into their van and then leave to avoid another battle with HTR. They contact their J and get coordinates for a handover. At the drop they are ambushed by Firewatch. Since the J is a Bugspirit she and her guards open fire on the Firewatch. The Runners help Firewatch overpower the Bugspirits.


Firewatch agrees to pay them part of the promised reward for their help and to provide some contacts. Firewatch takes care of the FBI agents.


  • 30.000 Nuyen (15 RVP)
  • 12 Karma (12 RVP)
  • 8 CDP (3 RVP)

Optional (pay from above):

  • Captain Madeline Palermo C5L2 (6 RVP)


  • 1 Rank Though as Nails (5 RVP)


  • Mundane Ascension (5 RVP)


  • Mundane Ascension (5 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Grasshopper: So... that was an experience. I certainly don't mind taking a job to disappear a few feds and their gear but learning the news about the insect spirits wasn't just some corp scam is worrying. Still got paid even if some Ares bastards crashed the job. Good to work with a professional as well. Ty was an excellent mage and got the job done.

Ty Vallynn

Goes to show you that you can't trust anyone. This bug problem is getting bigger. Good to know it's on Ares's radar. They have a special relationship with bugs. To see Firewatch soldiers though is interesting. They are some of the best of the best, giving even the Rangers a run for their money.