A Treatise on the Logistics of Farming and Land Management

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A Treatise on the Logistics of Farming and Land Management
Part of The Farm and The Furious
LocationRedmond, Everett, Snohomish, Renton
Factions Involved


The runners negotiate several contracts for "farming supplies" on behalf of the Johnson, Redmond Rejuvenation Project, a "farming startup" in Redmond.


The Redmond Rejuvenation Project is a farming startup in NE Redmond that focuses on soil remediation and farming sugar cane.

The Meet

Chammy, Couronne, Ojou, and Sinister meet the Johnson on the Matrix around midnight. The Johnson informs them of the Redmond Rejuvenation Project, a farming startup in Redmond that works on soil remediation and farming sugar cane. They need the runners to negotiate contracts with 3 companies for various farming supplies - Idle Wild Refining, LLC in Everett (gasoline, styrene, and naphthenic acid), Wilson & Sons Farm Supplies in Snohomish (ammonium nitrate-based fertilizer), and Florida Man Import Company in Renton (palm oil). The Johnson offers 2k nY each up front and an additional 4k nY each upon successful completion of the run, with the potential for a bonus if they can negotiate better contracts. Chammy negotiates the compensation up to an additional 6k nY each upon completion.

The Plan

The runners do some digging on their Johnson and the companies they need to meet for contract negotiation. With a combination of talking with Mint (farm operations officer at the Redmond Rejuvenation Project), staking out with mini drones, flying over with Elizabeth (Ojou's helicopter), and Couronne's matrix maneuvers, they discover the following:

  • The Redmond Rejuvenation Project: An actual farm that is growing some sugar cane, as well as other vegetable crops, but is relatively small for the very large amount of materials that they are ordering with these contracts. They also have a significant security presence with tank traps surrounding the property and flamethrower-armed guys patrolling in technicals. Turns out, they are actually controlled by the Halloweeners.
  • Idle Wild Refining, LLC: An earnings report reveals that the company has been running at a loss for the past 2 years due to investment in new equipment and decreased demand for their oil products. They also seem to be taking advantage of the Johnson with how the current contract stands compared to other contracts they've got.
  • Wilson & Sons Farm Supplies: An earnings report reveals that the family-owned business is almost bankrupt.
  • Florida Man Import Company: There is minimal info to be gained on this seemingly legitimate company that does not even own a data host, only a commlink.

The Run

Using their acquired background info, the runners meet individually with each company to negotiate the contracts.

  • Idle Wild Refining, LLC: Chammy negotiates (super successfully) the 2-year contract from 35k nY/month down to 25k nY/month.
  • Wilson & Sons Farm Supplies: Couronne suggests that they not try to negotiate this contract any further since it's a small family business that is almost bankrupt. They accept the contract for 10k nY/month.
    • Mr. Wilson also mentions that the Yakuza who own the bar across the street are very interested in his company going under because they want to buy up the Wilson property to run trucks out of. Wilson asks us to help get them off his back in order to help preserve his supply chain. The runners agree to see what they can do for a total 2k nY (paid in advance). The team goes across the street (utilizing Ojou's helicopter) to talk to the Yakuza. Ojou and Chammy leverage their Yakuza contact and knowledge to negotiate with the Yakuza leader, Matzumoto-san, to actually support Wilson & Sons in exchange for use of some of Wilson's warehouse space. Wilson is reluctant at first, but concedes to the agreement.
  • Florida Man Import Company: The owner is revealed to be a bit of fool. Chammy negotiates and Ojou offers the owner help in selling off his unwanted speedboat (to the Yakuza) in exchange for a lower contract rate. The contract is changed from 5k nY/month down to 3.5k nY/month.


The Johnson is pleased with the runners' work and offers them a bonus of an additional 2k nY each. He also suggests that it could be worthwhile for the runners to invest back in the Redmond Rejuvenation Project as a good startup opportunity.


  • 10,500 nuyen each (10k from the Johnson and 500 from Wilson)
  • 4 karma
  • can exchange 6k nY or 3 karma to get Mint as a 2/2 contact (if they invest in the Redmond Rejuvenation Project)
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Another milk run for me, and that's a fine thing. Not gonna get hung up over not seriously contributing to the run this time. Not gonna lie, getting paid to take helicopter rides was sweet. It's great to see someone sincerely trying to make something good out of the Barrens, hope the Halloweeners don't turn on her.


That was the best run I had so far. The guy from "Idle Wild Refining LLC" will probably get fired. But he should have just negotiated better.


I'm still not so sure how I feel helping gangers get supplies for explosives… I feel like that could go south real quick. At least they are also actually producing food, so that's a positive. Otherwise, it was a pretty straight forward run, with decent pay for the work involved. I'm glad we were able to help Wilson out so that he might be able to now keep his company afloat and pass it down to his sons.


It's nice when everyone can get things done by working together and my friends can avoid shooting each other. <3