Bagged and Tagged

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Bagged and Tagged
LocationSeattle, Puyallup
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Amrei Veidt
Sexy Bonsai
Caeda the drake
2x spirits
Casualties and losses
Canter burned edge Caeda was captured and delivered to SK


The runners were contracted to kidnap someone. Turns out, that someone was a drake. Riding along with canter, they rarely went slower than ~300mph and bagged the target.


A runaway drake left a few signs, giving SK the chance to bring them back to the fold. With runners on call nearby, the team could be easily assembled.

The Meet

The meet went smoothly in the first 5 minutes. The conditions were laid out, and a timeframe was given. 12K nuyen was offered for a decent attempt, and 24k for a successful capture. The team also finds out the target is a low level member of the ancients gang, an awakened spellcaster likely hiding their power, that they might try to flee or notice people out to get them, they must be taken in alive, and are located in Tarislar (the southern end of Pullayup, an Elf enclave that formed after the night of rage). During the meet, Amrei attempted to hack into everyone's commlinks and discovered very little of consequence, but some weird stuff about bannerette's and Sexy Bonsai's search histories. 5 minutes into the meet at future-denny's, Canter showed up in a blimp. She came down from the blimp by stunting onto the roof and then onto the ground, which was all very impressive, and started using ancient lingo to try to talk to Amrei. Amrei wasnt a fan.

The Plan

The plan was very simple: find the drake and take them in alive by whatever means necessary.

The Run

Matrix searching on the target was performed prior to entering the area. It was found that the target joined Ancients a year ago from a different chapter in UCAS and came to Seattle over the NAN. Her ID is a very good fake and background references stop, oddly. Caeda, the target, seemed to frequently play magical support. Recorded using the spells fireball and levitate. Other video clips revealed that she spoke Sperethiel with a tir accent, and that she was riding a Suzuki Mirage, which was ID'd. It was confirmed that she hangs out in Tarislar, occasionally visits some local bars, and lives in a place called the barracks. Her commlink was ID'd and it was discovered that the top floor of Caeda's bunk had 8 people in the same room.

During this matrix searching, Canter was driving like a maniac around seattle, mostly redmond. Bannerette, her terrified passenger, held on for dear life and barely held her nerves together. There was a street race, and the car may have been upside down several times during it. Bannerette silently vowed never to ride in Canter's car again. Following this, the team headed into Pullayup and visited a friend of Canter's Pitty 'Grease Lightning' McShane. Coffee was offered and refused. They talked for a little bit, and then Bannerette ended up back in Canter's car despite her previous resolution, for fear of resisting a 91 year old woman.

The information on the target location, between searches and hacking, that became available was that it was an elven enclave from night of rage and a generally shitty area, a self enforced ghetto controlled by ancients, the elven syndicate, and KE. While secure for the gangs and insiders, it's not really a place with law and order. The barracks in which Caeda lives are not fortified, but was deep in ancient territory. A floorplan of barracks was available, and showed no turrets on the 2 story building, though cameras were installed, and it was not a compound though patrols happened. The patrols mostly just hung around, some were watching out, and others were profiling non-elves. There was also a hookup into a local transformer, which was guarded.

The runners began their attempt at capture by attempting to hit Caeda with a narcojet fly spy (a fly spy with a narcojet dart gun). While the fly spy did some extremely sharp shooting and some very handy dodges, it ended up a smoldering wreck after a spirit showed up to defend Caeda. In pursuit, the runners ended up at a husk of a building. Canter drove straight through the wall, and fighting ensued. Canter drove up to the second floor, then stunted out the window. Caeda, attempting to fly away, was almost blinded but barely dodged a shot at her eyes by Bannerette. In retaliation for the hot pursuit, she unleased a high force flamethrower, and promptly knocked herself out with drain and began falling out of the sky towards a lethal landing. With epic driving moves and spirit aid from Pell, she was caught before becoming a drake pancake on the ground, and the team started speeding off into the distance with Caeda's spirits in hot pursuit. The firey one manifested directly in Canter's car, and initially refused an attempt at being convinced to leave peacefully. The team then resorted to putting a gun to the unconscious Caeda's head and threatened to kill her if the spirit did anything. They were held at bay, and eventually left when they realized a rescue at this point wasn't possible. Caeda was delivered to SK mostly alive.


Caeda was brought into the custody of SK, and despite the high likelihood of severe structural damage it's unlikely that the building in which the fighting occurred will actually ever get a safety inspection.


Game Rewards for Bagged and Tagged

24000 Nuyen (12 RVP)

For Pell: 2 Karma (2 RVP) 14 CDP (6 RVP) +5 SK Rep

For Canter: Amrei Veidt as a 6/1 with -1 chip (6 RVP) (doesn't actually have leverage on you, but dislikes you and will try to lord things over you until you make it up in her eyes.) 1 Karma (1 RVP) 4 CDP (1 RVP) -3 SK Rep

For others: Amrei Veidt as a 6/2 (7 RVP) 1 Karma (1 RVP) 2 CDP +5 SK Rep

For Canter optional quality taken from Nuyen RVP: Daredevil

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


This job was f@#%king terrifying. I'm not even talking about the spirits trying to murderize us, the drake almost frying us all alive, or the scary-serious J. I don't think I have ever been more scared of driving in my life. We never went less than like a million miles an hour, I thought we were gonna die. And I thought roller coasters were bad!! At least we didn't get into a crash though.

Sexy Bonsai

So this run was pretty chill, there was some chick we had to kidnap from Puyallup who turned out to be a dragon or some shit. I got into the Ancients' host no problemo and found where she stayed, the muscle went in and grabbed her after she'd transmogrified into her dragon form or whatever you call it. Matrix side was pretty quiet after that, I was just chilling in the back in hotsim while some old bat drove us around. Kinda weird but the pay was good and man the J was hot, I should see if she wants to go out for a sausage... If you know what I mean? S-K broads love sausages right?


Unfortunate that we were hired to deprive someone of their freedom, but I know jack shit about how drakes work. Still, we managed to do so by the skin of our teeth, which is certainly a thing.