Bring back the pollinator expert

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Bring back the pollinator expert
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Toxic Mages
Heart of the Tempest
2xToxic Mages
Casualties and losses
all of them
IG Run for Tempest


The Runners try to solve the disappearance of a pollination expert for Mint and are confronted with toxic mages who kidnap people in the orc underground.


Two hazardous waste disposal experts (magical experts to protect employees from toxic spirits) working for an A corporation called "Clean World Now" have been corrupted by the Mentor Spirit Mutation. As a result, they have retreated into the orc underground and reactivated an old abandoned clinic to begin creating abominations for their mentor. To get as many people as possible without attracting attention, they bribed a member of the local gang to cover their activities. Coincidentally, Paul, a pollination expert who works for Mind, lives in the same community and after several people have disappeared in the last month, he investigates. He informs Mint about it and also finds the toxic mages' clinic as they are kidnapping another person but is overpowered by the gang member a troll and locked away. As he has an appointment with Mint the next day and doesn't show up on time, she gets worried and hires Runner to check up on him.

The Meet

The Runners meet with Mint in a wooden hut that stands in a sugar cane field in the Barrens. The smell of freshly baked cakes emanates from the hut and the runners are first supplied with food and Cyberfang gets a stroke. Afterwards Mint explains that she misses her pollination expert and that the runners should please go into the orc underground and look for him.

The Plan

The Runners have a rough idea of the environment in the orc underground and know that these communities are often protected by gangs. For a fee, of course. For lack of matrix support, not much else can be found out. So they all set out to visit Paul's community and ask around. Thanks to Cyberfang's good orientation, the journey goes smoothly.

The Run

Tempest very skillfully searches through the residents of the community and is able to find out that some people are missing. Paul was seen yesterday and is not yet counted among the missing. In the meantime, the other runners are a bit behind and are being scrutinized by the local gang and told to leave. Their leader, a troll, vigorously tries to get rid of Cyberfang and Bommbox. But when Tempest comes along, the poor troll is so intimidated that he even admits to arresting Paul because he asks too many questions. He hands the runners a key and gives them a description of where they can find him. Then he hurriedly gets up and leaves.
The group will find Paul at the specified location. He is tied to a chair and after he is freed by the runners, he tells that the troll who has detained him has caught him looking for the missing people. He could also see a freshly kidnapped man being dragged by two strange figures into an abandoned clinic. When he tried to leave to help, he was overpowered by the troll. Paul wants to go directly to the clinic but the runners want to send him back to Mint. He agrees if the runners will take care of the kidnappers. So the team goes to the clinic and finds out that the background radiation is very unpleasant and toxic.
At the clinic, the group discovers a manabariere. Tempest manages to slip through the manabariere and the Runners set out to confront the kidnappers. They are met by three Abormination ghosts who have occupied a horrible mixture of cyberware and metahuman and have been abnormally altered, as well as two toxic mages who are about to advance their experiments on the new kidnap victim. In the ensuing battle, Boombox is unfortunately very quickly knocked out and Cyberfang is exposed to a high dose of pollution that leads to anaphylactic shock. Nevertheless, the Runners manage to overpower the two toxic mages in a joint effort, causing the toxic spirits to disappear back to their meta-level. After some healing by Tempest, the kidnapped, Cyberfang and Boombox can be stabilized and the group informs Mint of their success.


One less toxic threat and Mint has its pollinator expert back.


  • 10.000 Nuyen (5 RVP)
  • 15 Karma (15 RVP)
  • 2 CDP
  • Count as IG Run for Tempest


  • Mint C3L3 (5 RVP)


  • Though as Nails R1 (5 RVP)


  • Razorboy / Panzer Sumurai Way (10 or 20 RVP)


  • Good Looking and Knows it (10 RVP)


  • Adrenaline Surge (12 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Heart of the Tempest

I do love a good toxic mage hunt, and it was just nice working for Mint, you know? She's, um, hyper, but her farm's a lovely place. Just... comfy astrally. And, heheheh, it was so much fun seeing that ganger's reaction when I took my mask off... mmm, so much fear, sooo tasty.